Edge Review: FEAR 2

Edge writes: "If the horror genre has taught us anything beside? 'aim for the head' and 'there's no better hiding place than behind Kurt Russell', it's that everything happens for a reason. No matter how bizarre the events, there's always a method to the madness, a man behind the curtain, or a ghost in the machine. FEAR 2 should know: it has the lot."

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cayal3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

I will summarise the entire gamer zone and open zone as will be known in a day or so:

- EDGE is bias.
- Better than Killzone 2. Edge is bias
- [username] has been Killzownd
- Killzone 2 is the best game ever.
- EDGE is in bed with Microsoft
- EDGE has a 360 bias
- PS3 is 3rd and doomed
- PS3 sold 20 million in 2 years vs 28 million in 3.
- 360 = RROD
- List of [PS3 Exclusives] vs 360 [exclusives]
- US is not worldwide
- UK is not Europe
- PS3 sucks
- 360 sucks

Alcon3560d ago

I don't know why, but now you mentioned popcorns, I really want to eat some.
Think I'll buy some for tonight....

staub913560d ago

Edge is a joke and they wont ever be receiving hits from me.

Killzone 2 is without doubt better than FEAR 2.

r3xmund13560d ago

Why do I keep going back to read these 'obviously written to piss me off' reviews....

I loved F.E.A.R and the sequel looks fab but jeezus, I just finished KZ2 and I played some Bot matches and I cannot see how F.E.A.R 2 is better....


vasilisk3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

I've played both games and for anyone who thinks I'm lying just look at my comment history and you'll know I'm not.
FEAR should not be awarded more than a 7. I gave it a 6.5 and I was feeling generous. The game is repetitive as hell, same enemies, mediocre AI and I'm not even going to go into graphics (looks like a 2006 game), innovation (none) and gameplay (far worse then the original FEAR). Just shoot with a rifle in FEAR 2 and you'll know what I'm talking about. For the first two hours of this game I was wandering through the same corridors (EXACTLY the same - I thought I was running in circles) shooting at exactly the same enemies. If this is fun according to EDGE, then they must have a weird sense of what is entertaining and what's not. There were fun and interesting moments but for most of the game I found out that I had to force to finish the game, cause I was bored as hell. Popping in FEAR 2 after Killzone just made me laugh at the quality of the title.
And guess what? No co-op in FEAR and the multiplayer simply sucks. But today's gaming "journalists" keeps forgetting all those things when they review FEAR 2 and magically they remember them when they review Killzone 2.
Yes EDGE is a joke, always was, always will be. To even suggest that FEAR 2 is a better game is laughable, if just not sad.
I think this quote taken from the article says it all about EDGE and their attitude towards Killzone:
"As for you, Killzone, mind your manners and stop peering over at the score. It’s unfortunate timing that sees two quite similar triple-A games sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in the space of a week, but unfortunate for who ? Killzone 2 has the technology and spectacle ; FEAR 2 has class, direction and a most mischievous sense of humour – and technology and spectacle."

Why do they even feel the need to compare the 2? Because they know EXACTLY what they're doing and I'm sure anyone can understand what I'm talking about. Technology and spectacle in FEAR 2???? Are they trying to be funny or are they serious??? To call FEAR 2 a triple A title is just sad, everyone will know what I'm talking about in a few days...

SL1M DADDY3560d ago

I agree with the score but rather would have gave the game an 8.5. However, this review shows just how pathetic Edge is in their bias since this is just as much a shooter as Killzone 2, only with lesser graphics and a simpler variety in weaponry. Sorry, but if this get's an 8 from Edge and KZ2 gets a 7, their credibility is certainly not there. Of course, this is not news since we all knew how pathetic Edge was and is.

ActionBastard3560d ago

Their print mag is going the way of EGM, so why not ignore their site and reviews? Maybe it would give them more of a reason to review games as gamers and not the inept posers they appear to be.

joydestroy3560d ago

if there was no proof before, there is now because FEAR 2 is no where near better than Killzone 2. FEAR 2 is a must rent. Killzone 2 is a must buy. simple as that.

JeffGUNZ3560d ago

Why does everyone keep saying EDGE is bias and loves microsoft? Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't EDGE give Halo Wars a 7 and KZ2 a 7? I haven't played either, but I mean, I could see if they gave KZ2 a 7 and Halo Wars a 10, but they didn't. EDGE is doing two things. 1) Trying to fuel the fanboy war, and people are buying it and 2) Trying to make a name for themselves but posting medicore scores for great games.

I am so tired of this fanboy war. You have to realize that no one is ever going to say "You know something, you're right, I am going to throw out my 360 and buy a PS3". People have different preferances. Who CARES what system some kid you have no idea who he is in another state is playing. Start caring about what your playing and enjoy it as much as possible.

TheTwelve3560d ago

Ok. Edge officially doesn't know what the heck they're talking about.

It isn't about bias. It's about their lack of consistency in reviews.

Goodbye Edge...join Gamespot as a review site that belongs in an armpit of the internet.


Blademask3560d ago

Halo Wars is an RTS not an FPS. It isn't graded on the same merits as KZ2 vs other FPS's are. Look at the rest of Halo Wars scores. Edge wasn't alone giving it a 7.

The reason EDGE is clearly biased, is because of this very review for Fear2.

EDGE says all of the things that are negatives for KZ2, are positives for Fear2. I use fear2 because its the most recent example of how biased they are. If you are reviewing an FPS and complain about its lack of innovation, claim its an average FPS, knock it for no-co op, and dont bother mentioning the amazing online. You have to apply the same review standards to all FPSs. Which is what EDGE doesn't do.

They are clearly doing this for hits, which is why EDGE has given KZ2(the HIGHEST PROFILE PS3 GAME EVER) the lowest score of a 7. It always happens with the higher profile PS3 exclusive games that get bunk reviews that knock them for doing things that other games they reviewed got away with doing.

This isn't about other games, its about a specific game, KZ2. Which is an FPS. Watch when HALO:OSD comes out, and expect that 9 from edge.

JeffGUNZ3560d ago

This article has NOTHING to do with KZ2. It has the same to do with KZ2 as it does Halo Wars. I don't care KZ and Fear2 are both FPS and Halo Wars isn't, this article is titled "EDGE Review; Fear 2". Not
"Why Fear 2 is better then KZ2". So, your logic can't be taken serious. My point with Halo is and KZ2 is showing there is no bias towards anyone. If EDGE loves micrsoft, then they would give Halo Wars A HIGH SCORE REGARDLESS of whether it deserves it or not. You can't be bias without 2 parites being involved, you have to be biased to one and not the other. This website is just posting these reviews, well, I mean the EDGE website, for HITS. I have a 360, and I will proudly say I don't have interest in Halo Wars or the other halo game. The fact is if they didn't like PS3, then they would boost xbox's score. Everyone cries when KZ2 is looked upon as not perfect. This site didn't like the game, big whoop. Everyone needs to stop looking for scapegoats and just understand people are entitled to their opinions. Just because someone doesn't like what you like, doesn't mean they are bias. Come on, so many people look ridiculous here.

Nonsense 4 Gamers3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

I almost have the F.A.I.L. 2 Platinum Trophy and I can honestly say that the KZ2 demo alone is more fun. I need 3 multiplayer trophies but the multiplayer sucks so much I might not get them.

F.A.I.L. 2 multiplayer = HUGE FAIL - Terrible setup is completely nonuser-friendly.

Trophies = FAIL - Single player trophies are way too easy and some of the multiplayer trophies are literally impossible to get without boosting. IE "Kill 3 people while blinded from a shock(flash) grenade in a ranked match. I got flashed 4 times and killed 1 person each time but did NOT get the trophy so I boosted with some friends and the ONLY way you can get the trophy is if 3 people gather in a corner, flash you and then you blow them up with 1 rocket. There's some other even more ridiculous multiplayer trophies that are almost impossible even if you boost!

Campaign = Average - I beat it on the hardest difficulty and it was like most games "normal". Way too easy.

Scary = LOL yeah right! - I played it alone at night with the lights off and I NEVER got scared. I got like startled like maybe twice. FEAR 1 was way scarier.

Longevity = Short -This game will not keep you occupied more than 2 weeks, although it came out 2 weeks before KZ2 so it's something to keep you busy plus there's trophies. It get really stale pretty quickly. I've played it for around 40-50 hours and I'm sooo sick of it.

Score = 8.0 - I give it a generous 8.0 because the single player is pretty long for shooter (about 12-13 hours on hardest difficulty) and at least it has some sort of (bad) multiplayer. I suggest you rent from GameFly

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Why o why3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )


good score for F2

too bad edge are so pompous. They are just getting too old. Bloody uncle rico's

hippo243560d ago

Hmm if Fear is indeed better then both Killzone and Halo Wars then im going to have to rethink some future purchases.

edhe3560d ago

Try reading the review, not looking at the score.

But tbh i think everyone should check out Monolith's games, makes you forget films as 'scary' in any way.

hippo243560d ago

Ohh I played FEAR 2 and it was quite a good game, It was incredibly atmospheric and a solid shooter there were not to many flaws in it and it was generally a valid purchase.

What Im saying is that it didn't exactly blow my mind away, and Im being facetious.

Panthers3560d ago

Confirmed better than KZ2, just like Wii Tap

table3560d ago

wii tap sh*ts all over killzone2...

*shakes head at edge*

hippo243560d ago

FEAR 2>Halo Wars and Killzone 2

If that is indeed true this year isnt off to a flying start.

Kleptic3560d ago

according to edge it is...according to the rest of the living isn't even close...well at least for killzone 2...the rest of the world actually finds the EDGE review of halo wars pretty accurate...

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