Activision and Nintendo to be 'most successful' in 2009

GI.Biz writes: "Over 300 industry professionals have voted in the first ever Network Survey, revealing which platforms and publishers they expect to be the most successful in 2009.

The survey was open to all members of the Network, and included all sectors of the business, from retail to publishing, and all roles, from testers to senior executives."

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thereapersson3561d ago

I'm sure Activision will release a new COD and some Guitar Hero / Rock Band expansion packs and managed to fulfill their profit margins for the year. No surprises here...

SpoonyRedMage3560d ago

Yes, there's going be a new CoD every year and this year it's Modern Warfare 2 and it's being developed by Infinity Ward.

Saying the Wiis going to be most successful is like saying sometime this year in some place it will rain(I'm going to be gutted if we get a global drought now).

wiizy3560d ago

i dare haters are going to have nightmares. when wii sale more systems this year