Can Sony really breathe fresh life into the PSP?

A bullish interview in MCV has seen Sony declaring a fresh push for the PSP in 2009. But how much trouble is it in, and can Sony really wake up its software sales?

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Chris3993558d ago

say an emphatic "yes".

It was never dead in the first place, it just had piracy issues. The latest mobo seems to have fixed this.

I've been playing excellent software on the system for over 2 years now. It's shipped/ sold 50 million units world-wide; it's the ONLY competitor that has ever proven it's mettle against Nintendo's domination of the hand-held sector.. We shouldn't be questioning it's success anymore.

Doppy3558d ago

The PSP is a great system, and I hope they can. The problem with the PSP is that it doesn't have an expansive library of games, and that could easily be fixed by adding PSN support to the PSP, and letting you play games like Flower, Calling all Cars, and all the other PSN games on your PSP. That's the first step Sony needs to take. A Price drop would help, and more original titles would help. I'm sure it's easier to develop from the PSP rather than the PS3 so why not try very creative and imaginative games on the PSP, and later make a PS3 version since the PSP is more affordable and has a larger install base than the PS3, and hopefully more people will buy a PS3 down the road once a couple of their favorite PSP games get PS3 counterparts.

Cajun Chicken3558d ago

WITH GAAAAAAAAMMMMMEEEEEESSSS!!!! More than one decent title a year!!!

(Not RPGs!!!)

/Rant over/

Chris3993558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

- Resistance PSP
- Patapon 2
- Tenchu PSP
- New Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce game (actually looks good and I hate the series).
- MLB: The Show
- Samurai Showdown Anthology (getting this for sure)

Prinny and Ghosts and Goblins (PSN Store) are really excellent platformers if you're into the genre, as well. Quite a variety, as you can see. All are non-JRPGs and are being released within the next couple of months or are out presently.

If none of those titles take your fancy, I don't know what to say :)

Cajun Chicken3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

R:R is on my list, depends how Tenchu works out, that series went downhill fast.

Call me impatient but I'm just personally expecting more like Daxter, R&C:SM and Medievil Reserrection and GoW:CoO, GTA Stories series, games that really excersise the PSP. Call me spoilt, but those games were ammmmmazing for handheld games, I want me more of that.

Seems a bit of a waste that theres a lack of full 3D games being made the last few years and focusing on RPGs, it makes you wonder why Sony even bothered with the hardware in the PSP if thats what was going to happen.

I own quite a lot of PSP games, I think I pretty much bought all the good ones over the years.
I could do with more classic anthologies though, Sega Mega Drive Collection and Metal Slug Anthology is great, as are the Capcom anthologies.

I really want more PSone games up on PSN, having Wild 9 on PSP would be awesome.

EDIT: I did not know about Samurai Showdown Anthology...hmm, deeply consider that.

ThanatosDMC3558d ago

Give us monster hunters... then we're good... i bought all of them and even imported MHP2G.

JsonHenry3558d ago

The PSP is the one console platform I can see that does not seem outdated graphically right now. Even though it took a while for some decent games to ship for it I think that Sony really hit the nail on the head with the PSP in terms of what a handheld should look like and the features it has.

Just like the PS3 - the only thing it needs are top rated games more often.

Gue13558d ago

After playing a couple of games on the iPhone now I'm convinced that the PsP's dead. The PsP needs some fancy feature to keep competing... It needs something like touch screen.

lokiroo4203558d ago

Your so wrong its funny, iphone games are mediocre to say the least.

cryymoar3558d ago

i enjoy the PSP as a media hub. Some games are good, Socom, syphon filter, lumines.

likedamaster3558d ago

I disagree wiimaniac. What the psp needs is more 1st party titles and more "relevant" 3rd parties. the PSP is a very capable handheld, sony just needs to stop revising it and start dropping the price on it.

KrazyFace3558d ago

I do like my PSP but it unfortunatly isn't getting the attention it deserves from me in the games department. I like the connectivity between it and my PS3 though, because of that, I use my PSP as a TV nite-lite every night.

Come on Sony, get some life blood into it!

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