No new info for Trophies Metal Gear Solid 4

Time passes and trophies for Metal Gear Solid 4 if they have not learned anything, so we decided to contact Konami in that regard, but the response has not brought anything new.

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Danja3560d ago

WTF is taking Koonami / Kojima so long to just implement trophies... I would play this game all over again if they did...XD

Bigbangbing3560d ago

"I would play this game all over again if they did"

Me 2 :D

GrieverSoul3560d ago

Its Konami we´re talking about here!
They said they would implement trophies in PES2009 too and its been almost half a year and no trophies!

Trophies are a great incentive to replay a game or to buy it!
Along with the Platinum release of the game they could insert the trophies in order to boost some sales. They could associate this with the ´´animal`` insignias you get in the end. Its not that hard Konami!

WildArmed3560d ago

God I'd love trophies for MGS4.
I still play the game again n again every month or two. But it'd be more than enuogh reason to play it more for trophies :D

Keowrath3560d ago

I vowed never to do a "The Boss" Emblem run again,I swear I went half insane getting past certain points... The bike chase still gives me nightmares! =p

If they did release trophies though, being the HUGE MGS fan that I am, it'd be rude not to go for the platinum.

jammy_703560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

and sony stated EVERY GAME in 09 will have trophies, ok so it came out in 08, but as its being re-released is SHOULD HAVE TROPHIES

but ..... that means buying the game again.... =( .... so there should be a patch for the 08 version

whoelse3560d ago

^^^ Yeah I was thinking the same. If it's coming to platinum and Sony are treating their platinum like re-releases then any games that release in 09 onwards must have trophies...

God I have been waiting too long for trophies just to replay it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3560d ago

maybe only the platinum version will get trophies. that way all current owners of MGS4 have a reason to buy the platinum version?

i didn't know konami said they would include trophies for mgs4. can anyone point me to the source?

awesome if they did though....

FarEastOrient3560d ago

Hopefully the reason why they are taking so long is the time spent on working on a new Suikoden. If they do add them in I would have no problem replaying it to get them all.

Lifendz3560d ago

just for trophies. I know I know, that's a silly reason to hold off on playing through MGS4 for what would only be my second time but with all the games out now I just haven't had the time. As soon as they implement trophies I guarentee a spike in gameplay. Heck, they could incorporate some MGO trophies. That would get people on that game and maybe even keep some people playing.

Case in point, I recently got my 10k kill trophy in Resistance 2. I didn't like the single player all that much and the multiplayer was so so but nothing better than COD4 imo. But trophies actually drove me away from COD4 and once I got that gold medal for 10K kills it felt great. Same could happen with MGO.

burbulla3559d ago

I would play the game all over even if they did not implement the trophies

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Ashton3560d ago

which says there is no news?


ChilliDemon3560d ago

Yeah, I thought that too!

Omeganex99993560d ago

Damn ASC, I'd love to play this game again somewhere soon, but I don't want to play it for the third time when tropies get out.


SixTwoTwo3560d ago

Man it would make a lot of sense to release the trophy patch when this game hits the greatest hits section next month.

Hallucinate3560d ago

who the hel apporved this? news reporting that theres no news :/

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