Game Revolution: Street Fighter IV Review

Street Fighter IV is not what Street Fighter III should have been, but what it should have followed. Both in style and in progression, Street Fighter III was too far ahead of its curve for casual Street Fighter fans to get behind. Thankfully, Street Fighter IV gives the series the slap on the back it needs to catapult into the current and shake the fighting genre to its core. It would be easy to overlook its flaws, since it will (oh, and it will) thoroughly restore the Street Fighter name (no thanks to the Street Fighter EX Alpha series), and it will be difficult for some hardcore fans to let go of the kara-throwing, parry-heavy Street Fighter III and the "ism"-based, juggling-heavy Street Fighter Alpha 3. But by and large, this is the Street Fighter that everyone has been waiting for. Put on your headband, it's time to fight!

+ Fully revives the Street Fighter franchise
+ Accessible to casual and hardcore players
+ Focus Attacks and Revenge Gauge
+ Stunning brush effects and 3D modeling
+ Hard-hitting sound effects
+ Online mode, finally
+ Overall balanced character roster

+/- But a few overpowered but beatable fighters
+/- Waiting for complete character roster
+/- Begs for fight stick/pad accessory

- Shrug-your-shoulders endings
- AI for Seth is insane
- Mostly dull soundtrack
- Lack of hometown stages
- Rufus? Really?

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