Nielsen: Wii Attracting Young Boys, Older Women in Droves

With all the talk of Nintendo expanding the video game audience, it should come as little surprise that new data from Nielsen Media Research suggests that Wii fares best with young boys and older women. The metered usage data, which covers last year's all-important fourth quarter (October – December), shows that Nintendo's console does a good job attracting boys age 6-11 and women age 25-34.

Furthermore, usage of the Wii by women over 35 is much higher than with the Xbox 360 and PS3. Wii Fit, Guitar Hero and Rock Band were cited as products that have been particularly enticing for older females. While the Wii has certainly brought in a new audience, the more traditional 18-24 age group (often looked at as the hardcore gamer demographic) has engaged in much less Wii usage – for both genders in this age range.

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TOSgamer3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )


The Wii is a dumb down console for those who haven't developed fine motor skills yet (boys 6-11) and people who have never played games before. Now there's nothing wrong with that. Those people deserve to have fun as well. But I'm just telling it like it is.

FinalomegaS3590d ago

Ok there Dr.Phil.

Please remember "Nielsen Media Research suggests"

Analyst suggesting info.

I know the wii data is so hard to gauge due to the nature of the system.

I have one and I know a lot of guys my age have one... I can assure you we do not fall into any of those 6-11 or 18-24 range.

wiizy3590d ago

nintendo is doing exactly what it planned...and the sales shows it... entertain everyone.

gta28003589d ago

X-box=12 to 17 year olds who's console was bought by someone other than them. Which easily explains why LIVE is flooded with a bunch of snotty, spoiled, immature kids that cuss all day and keep throwing out the N word all the time.

Wii=6 and up. This one is easy to tell. Considering the fact that Nintendo has always had the family consoles with games usually targeted for kids.

PS3=18 to 24. This explains why you rarely run into immature people on PSN. People who own PS3's most likely work and bought the system their selves. If parents are looking to buy their kids a console they usually go out and buy the cheaper consoles too, explaining why there are so many kids on xbox and wii.

lord_of_balrogs3589d ago

You're an idiot, and your bias really shows. I bought my 360 with my own money, and I plan to buy a PS3 with my own money as well. It's not good to generalize that certain consoles attract certain people when each have their hardcore and their casual games. The fact that PSN seems more mature is that only the "hardcore" gamers will invest in a mic as it does not come in the box like the 360. That weeds out the people who will abuse them. PS3 has just as many kids as the 360.

BrotherNick3589d ago

Whatever makes yourself look better lol.

gta28003589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

Well, I know I shouldn't generalize. I know for a fact that not only kids own 360's and Wii's but I think it's safe to say that more than half of them do.