TeamXbox: Readers' Choice-Valentine's Day Heartbreakers

TeamXbox writes: "Judging by the response to our call for comments to Friday's "Valentine's Day Heartbreakers," we must've been pretty much on the mark with our list of woes. There were a few kudos to us on the story, but not much offered in return-though "InF3rN0" shared our agony by saying, "I read this and i want to cry, waaaaaaa!!!!" We've got your back, buddy, if you've got ours.

By far, the biggest "I've been dumped"-style depression came from the Rallisport Challenge crowd. More than a few readers concurred that Cesar's view of the franchise-and the need for more titles-was in the driver's seat when he said that Rallisport now looks like the "girlfriend got away" after Microsoft didn't buy Digital Illusions, which was then acquired by Electronic Arts. (And we all issued a collective shudder at the thought that NFL Fever would come back in any form.)"

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