Opinion: Scholastic wrongly accused of misusing its Book Clubs to promote *gasp* video games

Gamertell has posted an opinion piece by a teacher who sees little wrong with the children's book publisher, Scholastic Inc., selling video games.

From the article:

"Susan Linn, [director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood], said that the main complaint is from parents who think the company is using the fliers to sell toys, video games, and other things under the guise of a classroom book club. Also, that it sends the message to kids that when it comes to reading, it's not the content but what you get with the book.

I just don't see the big deal. A lot of children need incentive to read because they are not very fond of it. So you give them a poster with their book or let them play a game once in a while. I completely disagree with Susan Linn that kids will regard reading with what extra stuff they get with it. I doubt kids think that way, and even if they did, as long as they're are reading who cares what they think?"

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