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GameInformer writes: "Race Pro does a good job of handling a number of racing tenants to deliver a simulation-based racer that is fun despite its lack of features. Unfortunately, its bare-bones nature is simply unacceptable in this day and age when racing games are getting more interesting.

Unfortunately, the track repetition bogs down the game – particularly early on, which is a shame since it has 15 in total. It's at times like these, or when you notice there's no real car damage, that you want more from Race Pro. Sure, you're challenged on the track, but you also want to be excited off of it as well."

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Helghast Slayer3559d ago

Mediocre. Only possible on the 3sh!tty.

lokiroo4203559d ago

b-b-b-b-but is da bestest racr evers!

crystallakekiller3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

1 retard and 1.1 dumbass!

Danja3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

wasn't expecting much from this game ne guessing 360 owners should just wait on Forza 3 which wont disappoint.

edit: That was the only thing lacking in Forza 2 , it didn't really trump Froza how GT3 made GT2 look like crap....graphically

but it's a very good game with great physics and very solid online play

Sarcasm3559d ago

Forza 3 just needs a new coat of paint, and some tweaking on the car physics. Other than that, Forza 2 was a very solid game to begin with.

DelbertGrady3559d ago

Imo Forza 2 trumps all other console racers in terms of gameplay/physics/customization . It wasn't as strong as GT5: Prologue in the graphics department but other than that it's still the king of console racing sims.

Cartesian3D3559d ago

King of console racing sims?? For god sake think about your words before throwing them out of your mouth..

thor3558d ago

No Forza 2 is the best console racing sim out there at the moment.

GT5:P can hardly be compared because it's just a taster of the full game, has rubbish online, a limited number of tracks, no damage, no customisation.

What do YOU think is the best out there at the moment? We've moved on from GT4. That was last gen. AI, physics, graphics, and many other things are better in Forza 2.

SL1M DADDY3558d ago

It's not Forza and it is certainly no Gran Turismo. Sorry, but with those two titles, this one will be left out to dry for me.

Why o why3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

can you explain why the length of the NÜRNBERG/nuremberg in forza had to be changed in order for the lap times to be more realistic. Why is that? I mean if the physics are so..... u know.... better than gt, why the disparity?

DelbertGrady3558d ago

In GT you win races by bumping into the other cars before turns...

It doesn't have damage modelling and the cars have a much stiffer feel to their handling than in Forza. GT's driving mechanics feel artificial while Forza's feel alive and kicking.

Why o why3558d ago

can you explain why the length of the track in NÜRNBERG/nuremberg in forza had to be changed in order for the lap times to be more realistic. Why is that? I mean if the physics are so..... u know.... better than gt, why the disparity?

think time trials with ZERO other cars on the track and explain the disparity. I wasn't looking for your opinion on what you preferred as thats a given, just the facts IF you actually know/knew

DelbertGrady3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

I don't know I'm not a games developer. But one thing that speaks against your theory is that if they had to change Nürnburgring they would logically have to change all of the other tracks as well, wouldn't they?

Do you have a link to back up your claim? And in what way is the track "changed"? Does it not resemble the real life track anymore?

Btw, if you are that fond of racing games that are realistic maybe you should pick up a copy of RacePro? ;)

thor3558d ago

Actually Soda that particular track DID have different dimensions in Forza to real life. In GT4 I don't think the difference was so great (if there was much of one at all). The times achieved on GT4 more closely resembled those on the actual track, as well.

I still stand by what I said about Forza 2 being the better game, though. GT4 doesn't have online, damage, paintwork customisation and Forza 2 beats it in many other ways as well. But we can excuse that - because Forza 2 is on the 360, which is way more powerful than the PS2.

If GT5 releases now, it will trump Forza 2 in many ways again. Still, some aspects (like possibly the online, damage, and customisation), will be behind, but it will be the better game. BUT by the time GT5 comes out, Forza 3 will be out probably. It remains to be seen how good Forza 3 will be.

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TOO PAWNED3559d ago

Another amazing C rate 360 exclusive

Pennywise3558d ago

You get what you pay for.

This goes for ANYTHING you buy. I dont know why people cant understand this.

The Shadow3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Its dissapointing seeing the review score low,not as I hope for,I was expecting it to be a top racing franchise for xbox 360 and to keep me busy a while waiting for forza 3 and gt5.

I am still playing forza 2 until now.To be honest I played forza 2 just to wait for GT5 to be release and I've been waiting GT5 since the ps3 launch,not expecting it to come out this year though...

RobertGonz693558d ago

A waist it won't sale that many copies. Failed.

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