Famitsu: Dream Club announced for Xbox 360

New musical game for Xbox 360 from D3, scheduled to release this summer.


Proper scans:

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Endless_X3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

I will update this submission when more info is available.

facepalm3560d ago

"THE [email protected]" with a "喫茶店" (cafe') twist??

infamous_273560d ago

Why not just mke it on PS3 and sell twice as much copies?

NMC20073560d ago

PS3 isn't powerful enough(I am only kidding knife wielding PS Fans), besides, who knows how D3 feels about PS3, they didn't relase EDF2017 or Onechanbara on PS3, so I dunno.

Godmars2903560d ago

Why would they put out $20 PS2 games for $60?

NMC20073560d ago

They are $29.99 to $49.99.

Onechanbara is 29.99
EDF2017 - I think debuted for either $39.99 or $49.99, it probably was 39.99 and Gamestop jacked up the price in their stores, they almost jacked up the price to Sonic Unleashed, it debuted for $49.99, I saw a $59.99 price tag on it at one point, I dunno what became of that but there ya go, these games are never ever full price.

NinjaRyu3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

could you please troll somewhere else? Or if it has to be a 360 article please troll in one with no comments!

Godmars2903560d ago

Maybe Sony's standards are higher than MS's?

Maybe that's the reason they make the PS3 "Harder to Develop for." To keep shovel off. Blu-ray at least.

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Gitaroo3560d ago

or most likely will be ported to PSP just like idol master.

Servbot3560d ago

The 360 seems to be getting a lot of these niche Japanese titles. Who in their right mind would release such a game that only appeals to a tiny audience on a console that barely even sells over there? Sounds like suicide to me.

SublimingMass3560d ago

though i do wish we would see more Japanese type games being released outside japan, i know i would buy some of the anime games

NinjaRyu3560d ago

but if they know this game ain't getting released outside japan I at the least I think they should make the game region free!

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