BOMB Review: ION Rocker Premium Drum Set

BOMB writes: "When the ION Drum Set was announced, the most common comment was 'Who's going to buy this thing?'

I'll tell you who: me.

I've been patiently waiting for the PS3 version to be released, and now that it's here, I'll let you know if it's worth it.

Full review inside.

My first impression of the ION Kit was 'Where in the hell am I going to put this?'

Seriously, it's huge, heavy, and doesn't easily break down for storage. There's also a lot more initial assembly than you would think.

Settle in for a long read, I've got a lot to say, but I'm going to start with some basic gripes… I promise, there will be good things too.

As I put the kit together (a process that took just over an hour) I began to worry about some of the connectors used. Don't get me wrong, the thing is built like a tank. Hours of use, and equipment that usually collapses under my over-enthusiastic playing is still going strong. But I'm taking precautions. More on that in a minute."

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