Thunderbolt Review: Custom Beat Battle: Draglade 2

Thunderbolt writes: "It's sad, if you think about it. Disturbing, actually. Kids are being paid to wield weapons and beat each other into submission. Oh, it seems innocent; the only thing that really gets injured in these fights is pride. There are even musical sound effects when a hit, cut, slash, and jab successfully connect. Grapping is supposedly an innocent pastime, a sport made accessible through the miracles of modern technology. But that's what they want you to think. There's no way of knowing that all those young warriors make it out of their battles unscathed. Not to mention the fact that its basic premise is even more barbaric than that of the Pokémon series. Yet the decadent masses eat it all up, packing into stadiums to cheer on a couple of kids pretending to murder each other. What's even worse are the contenders themselves; they honestly believe that if they fight hard enough, they'll be crowned Major Grapper and be celebrated throughout the land."

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