Hudson Shows Two '09 Wii Titles

Ray Barnholt writes:

"Last week, Hudson Entertainment came by the 1UP office and showed us two of their upcoming Wii games and let us try them out, though these games couldn't be any more different from one another if they tried.

Neither game has a solid release date so far, but Onslaught is already out in Europe, and our guess is to expect Help Wanted around summer. "

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SinnedNogara3585d ago

Help Wanted=SUCKAGE

Onslaught=Cool, but it will fill up my Wii system memory!

chrisnick3585d ago

2??????? man u wii owners are in for a treat, if they're not shovelware like the rest of games, i'll cream my pants.

ThatCanadianGuy3585d ago

I'm banned to the open zone :(