Race Pro Review (OXCGN): Could this game single-handedly evolve the console racing genre forever?


"Race Pro had a lot to live up to. Maybe not in Halo or Gears of War proportions, but for motorsport enthusiasts around the world, this game could single-handedly evolve the console racing genre forever. And for those motorsport enthusiasts reading, don't worry. It does."

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gaminoz3561d ago

Wow, I wasn't sure this game would be able to compete, but by the looks of it, it does!

Now let's see if it sells...

PoSTedUP3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

maybe if it had off road racing, ice and snow racing, over 1,000 cars etc. but until then, GT5 will keep the crown. :)

im sure its a solid racing game though.

"Could this game single-handedly evolve the console racing genre forever?" no sori thats a stupid question.

outlawlife3561d ago

at least race pro will be released this sick of waiting on gt5

XboxOZ3603561d ago

You have to be kidding - right!

You DO realize that the two games are completely different - don't you ????? Serious Q? !

This is a serious Sim not a Grand Touring would be everything if it could be. Nothing wrong with GT5 (well, we haven't seen the final product and won't until late this year )

A RACING Sim is just that. It doesn't have Ice racing, Hill climbs, drag racing 1000 plus cars.

It's aim is to simulate circuit racing in licensed cars on licensed tracks using licensed livery stable (racing teams).

GT 5 is NOT a true racing sim, it never has been. It's a great touring sim . . but not a dedicated racing sim.

Bnet3433561d ago

I heard the simulation in this game was crazy.

GVON3561d ago

Good score,but i've said it before a simbin game without me being able to use my G25 is pointless,sorry but I couldn't play it with msoft wheel or a pad.

IzKyD13313561d ago

"Could this game single-handedly evolve the console racing genre forever?"

I love how you make it seem like this is the God of all racing games after giving it a 9/10, i'm not saying a 9/10 is bad, but when you say that this is the best thing since sliced bread and not give the score, then you sound contradictory.

Awesome Possum3561d ago

It seems average but Im at the different scores.

Omegasyde3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Hmm, not trying to be a di**, but Gran Tourismo (All versions) have been all about Simulation.

They included a Arcade portion since GT2 in which was more like a arcade racer. The career mode (?) was the opposite have you select the exact features and tweaking of the engine. You could set the RPM's for gearshift and select the right tires, etc.

The only thing knocking the simulation aspect in the GT:prologue was the car damage.

Oz360, So a true Sim had to have sponsored racing teams? Then I guess Nascar 08 beats racepro in that aspect. Just because had a deep career mode doesn't make it a great sim. You can also argue that the license test make GT more of a sim due to the scenario's presented.

Awesome Possum3561d ago

Im suprised I meant. darn psp

uxo223561d ago

I disagree, most if not everyone around here tauts GT5 Prologue as the best thing currently out, yet it carries a metascore of in the mid to low 80's. So I guess if a game came out that could maintain a 9 rating it probably would be the best in the genre in not one of the best.

Like IDK Forza II which carries a 9 meta.

Anyway, just a thought.

CaseyRyback_CPO3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Gran Turismo isn't a Grand Touring Simulation. Its just Driving Simulator, and has some parts of Racing Simulation but nothing close to GTR, but yes, a Driving Simulator as its been called since it greated the genre on consoles (Driving sim). It simulates driving quite accurately as Tanner Faust/Top Gear/Ferrari/Citroen/BMW and many others can attribute to the quality of the simulation.

A racing simulation includes simulating the facets of racing, pits, tuning, flags & penalties etc. And SimBin is at the top of their game as far as this is concerned, they even teamed up with Motec & have a very serious following on the PC. Forza nor GT could ever be called an actual Racing Simulator in the first place, and anyone interested in Race Pro or knows Simbin would inherently know this.

From reading the review you claim Race Pro(A 360 exclusive) Is going to possibly revolutionize racing by:

- Easy Navigation(Menus)

- Lobby System/Akin to GTR's lobby system

- Non-ABS locks that don't lock up when you slam on them (Hint: This is what happens when you turn of Anti-Lock-Braking in GTR/Live For SPeed/Rfactor/Driver If you dont know how to brake w/o abs.. leave it on.)

- You claim its fhe first Real Simulation on a Console, based on you & you alone saying so.

- Its accessible.

SimBin does make very amazing games. But Race Pro is not original/innovative by any measure. There have been many amazing sims on the consoles, I'm not sure when you started gaming but even Enthusia has covered most factors of your list and that was way back on the PS2.

Its good that the 360 audience finally has an actual Simulation, be it driving or racing. Race-Pro is definitely going to be it. Forza is a complete joke as is PGR when it comes to weight/ acceleration/brake control, and as you mentioned, the braking is just laughable.

Race Pro is a great starting point for SimBin to get into the console world, but with better racing simulators out there that have the polish, Its going to be lost in the crowd, its already reviewing low due to this. I'm willing to bet when SimBin can get the performance that they are known for out of the 360's hardware for Race-Pro 2, It will be a sight to be seen. Its unfortunate you can't use a competitive force-feedback wheel like the G25 or anything other than the 400 dollar porsche wheel and the MS Wireless wheel, Because I was originally imagining GTR on the consoles. GTR feels like sex when you drive. The Wireless wheel doesn't deliver the punch that goes hand in hand with the simulation.

I'm not sure how you can justify a 9/10, but its just your opinion. Its a very good game & hope it supports the heavy duty logitech wheels next time around. I think your title is completely sensationalist based on the reasons behind it.

I would love to hear you go into deeper detail on how Innovative and evolutionary Race-Pro is for console Racing Simulations. I cant imagine you can compare it to GT/Forza since those titles aren't Racing Simulations.

IzKyD13313561d ago

GT5 prologue has such a low metacritic score because it's not a full game, GT5P had like 70 cars and 10 tracks, the final release will have over 800 (i think) and over 100 tracks

XboxOZ3603561d ago

Why, it's by a company that has been making REAL simulations for several years, probably longer than you've been alive (jk btw) . .SO I think if ANYONE would know how to make a racing sim, it would be a AAA grade PC sim developer ..wouldn't you?!

ZootHornRollo3561d ago

there is no point if playing or trying out this game if you cannot use the DFP or the one with the 6speed shifter.

sadly they shold of made it for the ps3 and battled the gt5p

PoSTedUP3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

lol GT is a driving sim, id rather take advice and trust an opinion from a real race car driver other than a gamer fanboy ya know. so you were sayin...? XD

to evolve the racing genre, i think more than one review would have to be telling us this for that to happen sori, wouldn't all reviews be saying this? once you play GT its hard to praise any other racing simulator loool. GT- what the pros prefer, GT- the most well known, GT- 1080p, GT- 60fps, GT- the most cars, GT- the best graphics, GT- the most critically acclaimed.

GT5p with the driving force feedback racing wheel!? turns at a 900* rotation!? what does the 360 wheel do? you call that a sim? if any thing bring that game to the ps3 so it can get the proper treatment!

JOLLY13561d ago

YOu show me 2 articles that have professional grip driver saying they prefer gt and I will show you 3 that prove professional prefer Forza.

XboxOZ3603561d ago

The author is actually from one of the bigger racing sim game sites on the net and part of the HEXUS group ( The site only racers sims, not arcade games at all, and holds global tournaments on various classes from mini up.

So I value his opinions quite highly, and that of his peers. Which is why we got him to do the review in the first place, rather than an arcade racer Trying to do a racing sim justice. It just wouldn't happen.

And yes, I agree, far too many so called racing fans associate way too many varieties of racers with each other. There's no way one could possibly place Burnout in the same class, or even GT5, or say Grid etc.

But they do. There are sub-genre of games these days, unlike the genre's of old where there wasn't such a huge choice or developers keen to get games out.

Not that there's anything wrong with any of those games. I enjoy playing most of the semi-serious ones and taking them for what they deliver, not trying to find faults in what the aren't delivering. Otherwise you're not having fun, you're being a nit-picker. NOt saying YOU are, just a comment aimed at those that do.

Sarcasm3561d ago

GT5 vs Forza again eh?

Well I have both Forza and GT5P. Forza actually does some things better or "more realistically" than GT5P, and GT5P does other things better.

And before any of you call me out, I've hot lapped on the real tracks in my old Acura RSX Type-S at Thunderhill Raceway, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, and Infineon raceway. And not to mention dozen's of rides with my friend's EVO 8.

In any case, I notice that the scale feeling of Forza is more realistic. Meaning the size of the tracks are more of a smaller ratio with being in the car. GT5P for some reason feels like the tracks are a lot bigger than they really are. This is referring to Laguna Seca at least, a track I've been on a few times.

Also the physics of Forza is interestingly over exaggerated at the same time pretty accurate. By over exaggerated, cars even RWD do not oversteer THAT easily. Yes releasing the pedal will cause some oversteer, but it's a little more less exaggerated. Not sure how to explain that.

But on the other hand, GT5P seems like it doesn't have ENOUGH oversteer. Taking some turns in a 500hp corvette with full throttle will definitely cause some major oversteer.

So I believe Forza has the better physics out of the two. But GT5P isn't that far off, it's just the scale of things is a little unusual.

But If I had to choose only one game, I'd pick GT simply because of the extra polish and photo realistic graphics. But if I want to play a more accurate racer, Forza would be it.

I'd have to try out Race Pro and see how it compares.

PoSTedUP3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )



----------------------------- ------------------------------ - ---------------

compare this: GT5p

to this: real life

you want more? but ok now i want like 6 articles telling how the pros use forz2. happy trails :)

DeZimatoR3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

This game has been scoring like crap (Metacritic avg of 68/100). This is actually the highest score it got I believe, and its from a Xbox site.

So yeah...

BTW, it got a 5 from Games(TM) and a 6 from OXM (lol). As for Eurogamer and EDGE's scores...well, looks like they gave this one a free pass eh? ;) As usual...

XboxOZ3603560d ago

Great to see someone that appreciates a racing game and is able to tell the differences between them.

The Chev racing team use the Forza 2 steering geometry simulations to help them work out track set ups, so I suppose that is a decent enough compliment and acknowledgement in its self really.

Again, NOT taking anything away from GT5, even though it is still not released in full. So GT5 fans, calm down.

SImBin know what they are doing, they have spent the last several years putting oiut NOTHING else except brilliant PC racing sims. So do ppl think that all of a sudden, out of the blue they are going to "not know what they are doing" simply because they are working on a console game - of course not.

They have also been working on tweaking the controls to allow for sensitive adjustments to suit those ppl without wheels. And having spent several hour in the game - in c.ockpit view, as this 3rd person flying carpet rubbish is - well - rubbish, I can say they are on-it with regards to the controller. Plus it is cheating actually (3rd person view), allowing the user to see track and traffic he normally wouldn't.

The controller works well, and especially when you start playing with the many adjustments as well.

If you're Need For Speed (old school) lover,fine, enjoy them, but don't diss a game that is not even aimed at the same market, especially one that you've not even tried out. (to anyone not Sarcasm )

XboxOZ3603560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

And many others who seem to think game MAGs are more reliable than latest up to the minute game site.

News Flash.

All those reviews were based on early BETA Debug 360 code. I know, we had 2 versions of the code sent to us (1 in nov and one early jan) but were asked NOT to publish REVIEWS based on them as they were of course de-bug 360 beta code only. But we could post "PREVIEWS" based on it and allowing for it to be Pre-release code and that is would have certain areas of it that would be wonky, buggy and like always, not a 100% representation of the final game.

The FINAL code was ONLY sent out from Atary head offices last week to many eager hands. That is, FINAL code that goes to the presses ready for publishing.

If we had published our review a few weeks ago, even though we had code as early as Nov 08, our reviews would have been similar. But, seeing that we wanted to honour our NDA and personal agreements with Atari, we held off and waited until our UK correspondent had his proper review copy and played the game - last week. One does not end up with integrity if one breaks personal agreements and has a disregard for NDA's.

Print media has a minimum 4-6 weeks lead up time from it's DEADLINE to the time it appears on the street. Plus, the games need to be tested a few weeks prior to deadline so the reviewer can do his/her bit and get copy into the office before deadline.

So that is approx 6-8 weeks prior to the mag appearing on the store shelves. There is NO WAY IN GODS GREEN earth any of the reviews in mags are based on actual gold code. NONE.

Unless those mags have just been published and receive very very early review code. Which some do. But not mags printed in early January for a February print date.

That's some logistics for everyone to think about when looking at mags scores and scores given out well before a game goes gold. God, if we told you how bad the early debug code was, no one would buy the game. Which is why they send out debug only code. (it can NOT be played on retail 360's - only special 360 with a unique de-bug dash and connection to MS to help work out the bugs dahhh.)

I worked in the mag print industry for sometime, and still have friends in it and know the lead times, deadlines and printing run times, and you'd be amazed at what you think is fresh news, is usually several weeks old, if not more. But they are a medium I still enjoy and use, as not everything is on the web.

The person writing this review is a PC sim racer, NOT a Xbox Console freak . . and helps run a solid online PC based and console racing site . . one that does not accept foolish behavour, and prides itself in proper racing etiquet. A writer who is used to PC racing sims as his everyday type of racer.

BTW< one of those major mags didn't even pay much attention to thegame, as they stated that the Forza 2 style Perfect Line guide was NOT dynamic and did NOT show any acceleration, braking and slow down areas, simply stayed one colour ..and that there were no animations of the crowds, none.

When in fact, the line is fully dynamic and based on YOUR speeds and entry into corners and the line, and the flag marshes in the beta code were enabled and were seen moving in the beta code.

So that in its self says a lot with regard to "paying attention" to what you are reviewing . . now doesn't it!!

gaffyh3560d ago

@XboxOZ - I know you are going to defend your own article, the title you put is to over-hype the game as much as possible as well, but Race Pro from what I've seen looks nowhere near as good as GT5 Prologue, let alone GT5. And GT is a true sim game, main reason being it's called "The Real Driving Simulator".

This game is not going to evolve the Racing genre, but some of it's online ideas may be used. As far as I'm concerned this is just a GT copy, and I've played every GT since GT2, and each one has significantly improved over the previous.

*Waits for the classic GT has no damage argument*

JOLLY13560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

You have a youtube vid of tanner foust a drifter that is sponsored by pd. He isn;t a grip driver. You have an article that says pro prefer it, but no names. You have a you have a person that has raced 7 years in mazda cups (well that was most of his time). You have a blog archive were a blogger just says that gt>forza (nniiccee). You also have an article where "team corvette" takes a ps2 on the road with them. Wow, a team that only has a ps2 plays gt weird. So in those little articles there you really only had one grip driver that says he actually plays gt. Well you were close enough I guess. First off I will show you the video that Popular Science did on the original Forza. The article was called virtual vs reality. There is an amateur driver (similar to your 7 year mazda driver) and a Lemans driver that tested it. there is the link to the video. Have fun watching, you may learn something. Now Here is an article and a video of the 2007 American LeMans GT2 champions talking about Forza. There is the article. and there is the video. Boy, facts are fun.

On a side note; I am really happy that gaffy is one that could finally realize that it is a driving sim. It is my no means a racing sim. If you drive around the track. It will simulate you driving. You can steer, use the gas, apply the brake, and even use a clutch. It all seems a lot like driving. Now if you want to race, get a real simulator.

PoSTedUP3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

the one article says he is "practicing" on a 360 wireless wheel. lol! he might as well just be PLAYING it for fun! if he were really "practicing" as being a pro or whatever, he would be using the porsch 911 wheel, the 360 wheel dosent even turn or handle like a simulation wheel buddy, so that is the biggest failure of "proof" i have ever seen.

so tanner foust (a real pro) beating the hardest of the hardcore GT fans in a race, means the game gotta be a sim, he drove like he would in real life and won the race ok.

and again, i remember that setup they got going on there, lol @ the 360 wheel...

you lose :)

JOLLY13560d ago

a kid beat him. It's funny that your only "arguement" is the racing wheel. Come back when you have something intellectual to say.

phosphor1123560d ago

I mean he's posting articles and videos of people saying GT5p translates to real RACING.

I'm not saying this is a bad game, cuz ive never played it, but people saying GT5 is bad? No way, play it with pro physics on and every assisst off. It's a great experience. I even learned a great drifting technique. Rear weal toe in, and softer suspensions. You can swerve out to inside of turn, or use e-brake to start the drift, don't over steer too the left/right while adjusting or the alignment of the tires will cause you to spin out.

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XboxOZ3603561d ago

I've been hanging for this game since it was first announced 3 years ago . . . Now all I have to do is split in two so I can finish Gris and now this, while playing the last 32% or Far Cry 2 and . .. ohh hell . .who am I kidding . . .

RUPITY3561d ago

Not with all the meh reviews its been getting.

power of Green 3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

No of course not because you're that PS3 fanboy that keeps trolling 360 threads changing accounts, usernames and userpics every few hours.

N4PS3G3561d ago

lol...meh reviews from who?

RewiredMind? and HGO? the worst scores..from unknown sites

how about scoring over 8 from


GiantEnemyCrab3561d ago

Oh look! All of a sudden review scores matter!

Too many fragile ego's who would not be able to take a game being called better than GT will be sure to posture in any positive reviews for this game.

Awesome Possum3561d ago

Ummm Gameinformer gave this game a 7.

LeonSKennedy4Life3561d ago

Three of the big one's, right there. Dang, dude. You really hit 'em hard.

Power of Green - ...because obviously you've never trolled in your life.

N4PS3G - He's talking about reviews as a whole. It currently has a 68 on Metacritic. Even OXM gave it a 60. Are you going to tell me they aren't reliable anymore?

GiantEnemyCrab - Gran Turismo beats this game into the dust. If we're going to compare racing games, let's use Forza or Project Gotham Racing. This Race Pro isn't exactly your best bet. That's like sending Squirtle out to fight Mewtwo when you have a Blastoise chillin' on your belt buckle. It just doesn't make sense.

Race Pro is a good game...for what it's trying to be. However, it's nothing special.

Go disagree. That won't change the fact that you guys are defending a mediocre game.

PS3 fanboys did it with Lair...
Wii fanboys did it with Red Steel...
You guys are doing it with Race Pro...

Give it a rest!

Omegasyde3561d ago

Actually bringing up Gran Tourismo as a comparison makes no sense.

This game should be compared to Forza. Gran Tourismo Prolouge was more like a slice of a cake, that is still baking and won't be out of the oven till late 2009 :(

bassturd3561d ago

people that disagree with him....why?

Official Xbox Magazine gave the game a 6. Doesn't get worse than that. Pretty much a sure bet that they should give it a great score....yet didn't.

thebudgetgamer3561d ago

7/10 lol, Gran Turismo killer.


soxfan20053561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Funny how Sony fanboys use Game Informer scores to put down a 360 exclusive. Isn't GI biased and unreliable because it gave a certain PS3 exclusive "only" an 8.75? Yet, when it serves their needs, GI is suddenly the game review bible.

As for me, I am going to do something CRAZY - I will actually wait until the game is released and I play it fully before I form my opinion.

thebudgetgamer3561d ago

ive stated many times Game Informer is my personal favorite for gaming magazines


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Spike473561d ago

Oh well at least it isn't that bad.

N4PS3G3561d ago

2 bads reviews from RewiredMind? and HGO?

2 unknown site...real nice

LeonSKennedy4Life3561d ago

and one WHOPPING 60 from OXM...

Good research.

Immortal Kaim3561d ago

@ Leon. Dude get a life, not everything is/has to be GT to be a good racing game. The reviewer obviously enjoyed the game and thinks it is something special, so live with it...

GrathiusXR3561d ago

An honest review has been made.. many other reviews i have read have lowered the score all the way down to like 5,6 or 4 and such because its to hard....

XboxOZ3603561d ago

Most of the other reviews done earlier were also done on Debug beta ciode . . not something any game should be properly reviewed on - ever. This is final Gold code . . not beta release etc.

The embargo on "proper" online reviews was only lifted recently for "proper code" as the earlier code was for "Previews" - not reviews.

But many sites use beta debug code to do reviews, which is just not on.