IGN: Halo Wars: Multiplayer Maneuvers

Real-time strategy isn't the first videogame genre that pops into Halo fans' minds when they think about their favorite series. The success of the franchise to date comes solely from the first three Bungie-developed Halo games, which were all first-person shooters. But Halo Wars, the new RTS take on the universe that Bungie built, has a lot in common with its predecessors.

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JokesOnYou3562d ago

"Sgt. Forge has access to the Cyclops building-killer units (new to the Halo universe) as well as an upgraded Scorpion tank called a Grizzly." -IGN

Cool, can't wait to see what other weapons, features and story line there is to discover beyond the demo....multiplayer looks like it will increase the chaos.


lord_of_balrogs3562d ago

I'm going for the scientist chick commander, she gets the economy boost perk, which is half-time production half-price tech.

hippo243562d ago

No my Profit that instantly teleports my peon grunts into battle will kick your arse.

lord_of_balrogs3562d ago

Leader rushes in the first minute are pretty retarded.