Gran Turismo 5: Prologue on sale for 3 grams of weed

The Dutch PlayStation website reports a news item which can only be thinkable in Holland. On a Dutch version of Ebay, called Marktplaats, a person is selling his version of Gran Turismo 5:Prologue and a new SIXAXIS for either 30 Euros of 3 grams of weed. The site also has a picture of the offer.

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Syphled3558d ago

Hahaha, to funny!! Only in Holland!

C_SoL3558d ago

here in the us. So that's 60 bones for a sixaxis controller and GT5:p.

burbulla3558d ago

Bid raised to 6 grams of weed

3558d ago
3558d ago
C_SoL3558d ago

I'll be damn sure to keep that in mind. Bubbles back 2 you.

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Rehabinum3558d ago

Your right Syphled! Its very funny and indeed...only in Holland.

The Hunter3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

1. Prostitution
3. AND KILLZONE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

christian hour3558d ago

I was outside guerilla's building when i visited the Dam in january! Best damn city in the world!

cleanhealthy123558d ago

sucks for you that you gotta pay for that

UnwanteDreamz3558d ago

Like you've ever slept with a woman....GTFO

christian hour3557d ago

Wait wait wait... You're supposed to SLEEP with women? Damn... I've had it wrong this whole time! I thought they were built to hide and cower from while I sit in my room playing video games and getting incredibly obese... If only I'd known sooner! :(

cleanhealthy123556d ago

betcha im 17 and ive gotten more pussssy than youll ever get, fuking geek. infact, i bet u never seen pink in your life

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ThatCanadianGuy3558d ago

Man..i gotta move to Holland..

legendkilla3558d ago

you do live in Canada right? as long as your under 1/4 lb your good bro!

Daver3558d ago

1/4 lb is consider like you are a seller, its less than that

ThatCanadianGuy3558d ago

I don't know what the "legal" limit to carry is.
But i never leave with more then 2-3 grams all in the same bag.

Nobody wants a dealing charge on their record.

user94220773558d ago

I'm packing up right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.