Wired: Retro Game Challenge Review

Little touches really make Retro Game Challenge fun. For instance, on the bottom DS screen, you're shown sitting in front of a TV with the grade-school version of Arino, who makes all kinds of jokes about the old days of gaming guaranteed to make any child of the '80s crack a smile. You can thumb through virtual versions of the games' manuals for help; even better, little Arino will occasionally bring home an issue of GameFan magazine that's packed with tips and cheat codes for each of the games.

Sad to say, this is where Retro Game Challenge stumbles a bit -- the translations are occasionally botched. In two instances, the cheat codes were incorrect. This, plus the fact that some of the challenges send you back over territory you've already covered, keeps the game from achieving true retro perfection. It's still awesome, and a must-play for fans of the NES era.

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