Teaser Trailer: Petrograd (CryEngine 2 mod)

Space Cowboys Team presents the Teaser Trailer of their CryEngine 2 modification, Petrograd.


See the ModDB website for more screenshots and progress reports:

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Voozi3586d ago

Hey look it's a Helghast ;)

xwabbit3586d ago

A new breed of Helghast! Lol

INehalemEXI3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Crysis mod powered by CryEngine2. They did not mod the engine...

Elven63586d ago

The Helgast were inspired by World War I equipment, their is also that series in Japan which has characters who look identical to Helgans.

Regardless this mod looks great!

Bnet3433586d ago

reminds me of Resident Evil 2

MasFlowKiller3586d ago

Why all the hate @ Voozi?

but true that was the first thing that game to mind at the end of the trailer

Tacki3586d ago

Did you mean the animated film Jin-Roh by Mamoru Oshii (Ghost In the Shell)?

Those soldiers have been in some of his other films like The Red Spectacles as well. I haven't seen that one but Jin-Roh is a very good anime movie.

But anyways, the mod looks very nice. That first part with the butterfly is pretty damn impressive.

phosphor1123586d ago

Anyways, too bad my computer will bleed to death trying to run it looking like that..

evrfighter3585d ago

Damn the entire time I knew I saw the helghast before. A carbon copy ripoff but it's probably to pay homage to the movie. At least I would hope so. I actually owned that movie jin-roh back in 2002-3ish. It took me a few times to actually understand it. Good movie.

And wow at the ppl who don't understand where mods come from and how much they cost.

They come from people who spend countless hours working with a certain game engine for months to years on end to release a mod free of charge. this is just one reason why online pc gaming will always be superior.

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Says you3586d ago

Good thing I have a good PC.

floppyfeet3586d ago

making shiytty unoriginal shooters that only a fanbase in dire need of mainstream garbage would accept as "AAA" ?

because crytek actually knows how to make shooters

TheIneffableBob3586d ago

This looks like a really high-quality mod. Great job by the developers.

Overr8ed3586d ago

Killzone Did it! = P...

aceitman3586d ago

no the simpsons did it :]

floppyfeet3586d ago

jin ro did killzone a decade before it came out

congrats on thinking guerilla is innovative

poopsack3586d ago

obviously someone missed the southpark reference due to the need to defend a console.

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