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DixieNormS4300d ago

That this game is really average. Besides the graphics this racing game is not an AAA title.

kamakazi4300d ago

here we go. fanboys start your engines.

walkinghome64300d ago

Is that there are never racing games that people consider AAA games. I don't know what it is about it. It seems it has to be Halo or Gears or something that is a FPS and then be great before it's an AAA. I don't care what the GameSpot rated it as. I bet they had a hell of a fun time playing it. And I'm gonna have fun too. hehe

MoonDust4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

Check my other post.

TheMART4300d ago


GT4 was AAA

Forza has been AAA

Those were over 90% in score

Chagy4300d ago

this game is good and im gonna pick it up. i played the demo alot master the demo comeing in 1st place only crashing like 1or2 times with the cars and crashing alot on the bike but still manage to get first. its easy but its fun im looking foward to play the compleate game online and see how good everyone is is. especially that track on the demo lol i master that neways this game is great and should be added in one of the ps3 must have games along with resistance yall digg ;-)

MoonDust4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

This game is obviously not a AAA title, it hasn't gotten any Great reviews. It's a average game with a lot of hype that can't deliver.This is what happens when you put graphics before gameplay.
To prove your theory wrong here is a link.
IGN gave it a 8.9
1up: 7.5
PSX Extreme: 7.5?
Eurogamer: 8
Cuputers & videogames: 8
Gamepro and gambrick have been the only good reviews, if you can call them that.
Here is PGR3
Here is Forza
Here is Colin McRae
And last but not least GT4
All have gotten better reviews. The game does look great and looks like fun to play but i fear it will be like Crackdown. Fun for two days and then nothing but a waste.

wildcat4300d ago

they didn't put graphics before gameplay. If you play the PSN demo you will be blown away by how many things are happening at once and the depth of physics that were put into the crashes and so on. It's a really fun and exhilirating game to play. The only thing it's lacking are features and more of that gameplay. But sometimes there's just no convincing people as everyone has their own opinion.

MoonDust4300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

The game looks great, lets just hope it can keep people entertained for more than a week. As long as it doesn't turn out like Crackdown, a total waste.

techie4300d ago

You are wrong about it not getting great reviews. Because it has. There's 8.9, there's 9's and there is some near 10's. They put a hell of a lot of effort to make it a fun experience with great AI, huge physics, huge tracks and environments with many routes, and amazing graphics.

Also they are not oblivious to all this. They said they would see how fans respond and add updates as needed. Eg. offline multiplayer. Maybe other options could be coming too.

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The story is too old to be commented.