Next Week Killzone 2 Week on (Dutch) TMF

Next week the release of Killzone 2 is a fact. With the release of it, the Dutch TV channel announced that they have a week with Killzone 2 specials.

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za3redrum3563d ago

I'm dutch but I think 90% of the visitors here don't care about a Dutch TV-channel which shows KZ2.

GrieverSoul3563d ago

Thats not true! Im not Dutch and Im glad someones is caring enough to publicize this game on TV.

I havent seen a single add for this game on TV. Im from Portugal and Killzone 2 add´s are nowhere to be seen! The game launches in less than a week!

Dipso3563d ago

I would expect this amount of coverage in the Netherlands at the very least, I guarantee you if a little country like Ireland created something of this scale we would be hearing about it on the national news here.

@za3redrum...that still leaves 10% of visitors who may be interested in this news.