GTA IV: Lost and Damned - Full Monty Gameplay HD

Even Rockstar's downloadable content can't escape the "sexy treatment" they seem to give all of their titles. Rockstar is really starting to show their ability to tell a story. Perhaps they should have been in charge of the lackluster LOST: Via Domus. Enjoy...

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SexyPrawns3558d ago

My first news story!!! It got approved!!! Thank you everyone for making this a good day. I woke up and found out my grandpa died...which had me moping around and playing Fallout 3 all day.

You guys are great! I love this website!

- The Prawns...

panasonic233558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

that was funny but this even funnier.


SexyPrawns3558d ago

I see what you've done there. That's the face of somebody you don't like plastered on a video game character's penis.

See..., that's REAL comedy!

Grow up.

panasonic233558d ago

wait i didn't make that pic i found it on gametrailers .

SexyPrawns3558d ago

I'm just saying...

...I've seen your posts.

You can do better. I believe in you, Panasonic!

Pebz3558d ago

Smart move from Rockstar, the controversy this is surely to cause will give the DLC a lot of publicity. No such thing as bad PR, right?

The media will really be grasping for straws if they try to pin this as another "hot coffee", it's so blatant, yet so harmless at the same time .