X-Play "Halo 3" Mythic Map Pack Preview

In this All Access Preview, Mr Sark goes behind the scenes at Halo 3 developer Bungie to get the lowdown on the new Mythic Map Pack.

Mythic contains three new multiplayer maps including Assembly, Orbital and Sandbox. Find out about each map's theme, environment and gameplay elements as Mr Sark grills the Bungie team

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panasonic233467d ago

awesome time to get ready for some halo

lokiroo4203467d ago

well grab those ankles so you can take it in.

Elvfam5113467d ago

Just three maps watch it be like 1200 MS points and one of them is meant to be 3 or 4 players???

shutupandplay3467d ago

I`ll probably just wait to get them in ODST. But if they are getting praised left and right, I might change my mind.

Bnet3433467d ago

It's three maps for 800 points and you can get them free if you buy the Halo Wars Limited Edition.

Blaze9293467d ago

1200MSP? Really? Try again man.

Anyway like said above, will be 800MSP. I'm with shutupandplay, might just wait for ODST but if its good ill just buy it early.

Elvfam5113467d ago

What you talking about try again dude i can careless what price they are but it isnt worth just for 3 maps they should give more maps like 4-6 at least for the halo loving fans

Blaze9293467d ago

well seeing as the previous two map packs were exactly the same....i dont see why you were expecting anything different. We all know how it is with this price setting Microsoft does and expect it. Nothing we can do but wait for price drop, it becomes free, or just buy it full price.

Look at gears 2, combustible map pack $10 (800MSP) 3 maps, but the flashback map pack $5 (600MSP?) for 5 maps!? what kind of logic is that.

i agree there should be more maps in one pack to warrant 800MSP though. Halo 2 did it right, the packs had like 4-5 maps in each pack

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Helghast Slayer3467d ago

Meh looking at that makes me quite depressed. What a mediocre piece of junk. That actually looks like a ps2 game. Even GOW2 looks better lol. Take it in bots take it in....