News Roundup: Starcraft 2 Near Complete, Booth Babes Possibly Return to E3, Bioshock 2 on Wii

Blizzard tells gamers to expect a multiplayer beta of Starcraft 2 in the near future. Is Bioshock 2 getting waggle? Booth babes set to conquer E3 once more?

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ThePimpOfSound3560d ago

I though booth babes were confirmed already. As an Xbox 360 exclusive! Boom!

cain1413560d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone will have both babes... Not just MS...

italianbreadman3560d ago

Brain sees Starcraft and Bioshock, body sees booth babes.

Viewtiful3560d ago

lol I hope Bioshock 2 comes out on Wii and it ends up the worst of all of the versions. Then we can finally put to rest the idea that Wii is on par with other platforms.

SirLarr3560d ago

It's not on par, I don't think anyone ever said that. It's different, but not worse. It needs different games.

ihaten4glol3560d ago

Booth babes = couldn't care less. How about booth dinners? More useful, and sustenance to fill up empty tummies.

NeverforgetNES3560d ago

Bioshock 2 for wii....hmm interesting. I actually hope it does well with the wii. I really liked the first one.