Killzone 2 Video: Live Valentine's Helghast

Gamezine: The following video contains images that may offend.

A Helghast sending love to humans in a snowy Munich on Valentine's Day.

We brought you Sony's viral images of a romantic Helghast soldier from Killzone 2, all teasing its adventure on the streets of Munich.

In the video you'll see the poor masked guy handing out roses to the confused public on the 14th February.

Pretty hilarious in its oxymoronic visualisation.

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xwabbit3585d ago

Its was funny but the trailer at the end rocked :P

Alcohog3585d ago

Good idea, send a guy who looks like a Nazi prancing around the streets of Munich.


techie3585d ago

That's what Nazi's looked like? What kind of world are you living in?!

DrJones3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

Because the Helghast design are largely based on units in the German Wehrmacht and Waffen SS elite divisions, fighting during WW2. So yeah, Alcohog, you prove that you have historical knowledge and that those who disagreed hasn't. Gamers shouldn't be so ignorant and uneducated.

SAiOSiN3585d ago

awesome! you must be from the future. so please, describe the "future" nazis a bit more.

DrJones3585d ago (Edited 3585d ago )

So if i am to answer anyone's question, the Helghast are the future Nazis, but their design, that is Guerrilla Games design off them, are inspired by elite German soldiers fighting for the Nazis in WW2.

Helghast=Inspired by Facist militarist propaganda in Germany under the reign of Hitler.

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Trebius3585d ago

Id be kind of scared if i didnt know what the hell that was...

But he's handing out flowers! haha.

techie3585d ago

lol. That little kid must have been WTH?! hehe

SmokingMonkey3585d ago give out flower(s)

techie3585d ago

lol wut? Sounds a bit...umm pedo bear?

SmokingMonkey3585d ago

my pedo bear suit needs a rest....and a wash! LOL

MisterNiwa3585d ago


... as if...

*jumps into his Helghast Armor*

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The story is too old to be commented.