MadWorld could see a sequel based on amount of interest

Though MadWorld has yet to be released, the game has received more than positive impressions. Perhaps the only other obstacle standing in the overall success of MadWorld is the game's sales. However, granted there is enough interest in the game and it is successful, it looks as though a sequel may be possible.

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TOSgamer3589d ago

Really? If a game sells they'll release a sequel?! What a revolutionary idea...

chanmasta3585d ago

... very funny but true!

jcgamer3589d ago

I. WILL. play. this. game.


BkaY3589d ago

for this freaking game.... this game gonna kick some major azzzz.....

eagle213589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

if reviews are solid, this game will sell at least 1 million....

Blink_443589d ago

Im gussing 250,000 first week sales.

Cant wait.

vlazed3589d ago

Finally a Wii game that I am actually going to buy. I haven't bought a game for my Wii in almost a year.

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