Honest Gamers: Shellshock 2: Blood Trails Review

Honest Gamers writes: "I'm not exactly sure what happened here. It's a game released by one of the most prolific publishers in the world, and developed by the company that did the excellent Alien vs Predator franchise. Not the same studio of that company, granted, and if we learnt anything from the internal combustion of Ion Storm it's that developers aren't necessarily consistent across studios - isn't that right, John Romero? But this is still slightly strange. ShellShock 2 isn't just a disappointing, aged failure of Daikatana proportions. This is something far beyond. I'm really confused as to how it was deemed worthy of release at all".

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Pennywise3584d ago

LOL! GoTY!!!!

Cant wait!!

table3584d ago

cut the game some slack. its looks ok. review is a bit harsh.

PirateThom3584d ago

I bought this over Killzone 2.

belal3584d ago

i bought this over too human,halo wars,gta dlc and the xbox...

and it was worth every penny:P

/end sarcasm

OhReginald3584d ago

im actually tempted to see how bad this game really is.....