Silent Hill: Homecoming Review from The Goozex Report

Sleebs Says: The Silent Hill predecessors always share and explore a common message. With Homecoming, such a traditional narrative stays strong. The series itself is riddled with themes and psychological meanings that the protagonist is meant to unravel. Much akin to its counterpart, Silent Hill 2, there's a morbid underlying motif of expedition that the main character is inevitably called to the city of Silent Hill with a specific reason just below the visible surface. And as dumbfounded as we are, we know just as much or as little as our main character.

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killyourfm3591d ago

Where I work this game has been coming up in conversation quite a bit, probably because of RE5 on the horizon. Maybe I'll give it a chance...

CrAppleton3591d ago

Yeah.. I've been wanting to check this one out.. I'll probably pick it up

JimmyJames703591d ago

Yeah, this game is in the mail as they say. I'm looking forward to it.

bgrundman3591d ago

I have had it on my shelf for a month and never touched it... I kinda feel bad about it.

bgrundman3591d ago

I have a hard time believing that this game will be any good considering the lack of buzz that it has had... it is almost like a positive review black hole.