The 20 Best Games You Missed Last Year

As people close the book on 2008 here's one last look back at 20 games you should have played but, if you believe the sales numbers, probably didn't.

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Sabre_G3591d ago

12. Valkyria Chronicles
Platforms: Xbox 360

Nuff sed

spectyre3591d ago

18. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift
Platforms: Xbox PS3

I have both VC and MSPR. Two damn fine games I'm glad I didn't miss out on.

MAiKU3590d ago

On the 360????


Serjikal_Strike3591d ago

was the only one I missed that I should have purchased....

Hallucinate3591d ago

MS PR is the best racing game ive ever played

nix3591d ago

i'll be getting it.

manwich253590d ago

bourne conspiracy was a great game that was way under the radar

SpoonyRedMage3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Poor SE, all their original games get neglected. It has two games on this list as well.

I bet if Chocobo Dungeon didn't have Final Fantasy in front of it it would have got even less sales.

Nugan3590d ago

And yet No More Heroes and Robocalypse are getting sequels, while other games thar sold comparable amounts are causing the collapse of development companies.

I'd say that goes to show that the definition of "flop" is more about money spent vs. money earned than simply the number of units sold.

SpoonyRedMage3590d ago

So true, which is why I think it's right for the Wii not to be HD because it lowers the risk of potential flops. It also means if a quality game like No More Heroes doesn't sell that well it can still get a sequel, something that likely wouldn't happen on the Next Gen consoles.