Phil Harrison: "PS3 will last 10 years"

The production problems which lead to the delay of the PS3's European release, and much of the console's huge price tag, has been greatly put down to the inclusion of the Blu-Ray drive. However, Sony big cheese Phil Harrison deems it a feature that will allow PS3 to last 10 years.

"The blue laser diode, as you well know, had a blip short-term ramp up issue, which is now past; that's now behind us. That did cause us some challenges in being able to supply the launch worldwide, but that's all resolved," assures Harrison in an interview with Game Daily.

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Boink4301d ago

if this is their vision then they are toast.

the hardware will be out of date in 5.

FordGTGuy4301d ago

became out of date yesterday.

hfaze4301d ago

Look at how out-dated the PS2 is, yet you still have great games coming out for it... Final Fantasy XII, God of War 2, etc...

10 years is not impossible.

Quisp4301d ago

He's not saying that it will be 10 years until their next console.
Who knows how much longer the PS2 will sell.

10 years is possible

Joe4300d ago

So Phil Harrison has been quoting the PS3 will be
around for 10 years. I know this is big for third
party developers and for the consumer, but I see a lot
of new technologies that have come out that outdate
the current hardware for the PS3 and XBOX360.

For example, have you seen the game Crysis? It uses
Direct X10 video cards that surpass what the PS3 and
360 graphic offerings. The games looks freaking
awesome! Imagine what technologies come out 5 years
from now.

I think 10 years is too long. In five years, there
will be a new XBOX version that will have these new
technologies as well as the Wii. Who knows, the
XBOX360 and the Wii may be running on a faster Cell
processor with more SPEs and bigger blu-ray/HD-DVD
storage and video cards that can handle physics and
support Direct X12!!!

Again, 10 years is too long before we see the next
version of the Playstation.

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lil bush4301d ago

i dont know ten, but we'll see if the how far the hardware goes within the next few years to see if ten years is possible

ben hates you4301d ago

decided on not believing anything that comes out that mans mouth

techie4301d ago

6 years just like the ps2 at the moment. Things are moving quite fast these days. Harrison is a good lad.

Keyser4301d ago

Crazy Phil may be on to something. With the slow adoption rate of 1080p by broadcast companies and even though sales of HD movies are picking up it's still way behind dvd's. The whole war over format's is making adoption even slower, Phil may be right.

Nothing but a handful of devices has HDMI 1.3 (PS3). Not tvs, or receivers. Most companies haven't even utilized it yet. I think it will be five years before they are good with it and another five for prices to go down and people to be in love with it. We'll just wait and see. I just don't think that its totally off the wall.

Killer Cop4301d ago

Haha, 10 years... Good one Phil.