Engadget: HTC Magic in-depth hands-on, with video

Engadget writes:

"We only got a brief glimpse of this device before it was whisked away at the Vodafone press event today, so we tracked down HTC's megabooth and sat down for a much longer gander at the new HTC Magic. The unit we played with has a non-final button layout on the front -- we'd say the final version, reflected in official press shots, is much-improved -- but was raring to go otherwise."

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Leio3591d ago

Now every new phone looks just like the Iphone give me some innovation please!!!

Premonition3591d ago

iPhone still has some of the best touch technology on the market still today.

C_SoL3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

HTC is the Mercedes of the cell phone world. Check out the site.

The G1 kills the iPhone any day. Just so u know.

IWentBrokeForGaming3591d ago

there are hundreds of apps for the G1 NOT A SINGLE 1 has to be BOUGHT, and my 3G service for the G1 is about $40 cheaper than IPHONE... Im doing fine with t-mobile and my G1