Rumor Killers: Bioshock 2 Wii? Infinity Ward Assassination Game? Wheelman by Ubisoft?

Is Bioshock 2 going to grace the Wii? Is Infinity Ward working on an Assassination game? Has Wheelman been handed over to Ubisoft?

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italianbreadman3585d ago

I think I'd be nervous about Bioshock 2 on Wii. I wouldn't want to be disappointed, but would almost expect it. :-(

shoinan3584d ago

What about BioShock 1 on Wii - isn't talking about BioShock 2 on the Wii way too premature? I think the job listing just suggests they're looking for someone with broad experience.

predator3584d ago

Well the job does say Bioshock 2 but a port of the first is a possibiltiy

jtucker783584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Didn't they hire an entire team to work on Bioshock fluid mechanics and the way the water physics work?
How would that port over?

Fire spreading?


I don't see them being able to port down Bioshock and keep it Bioshock. I think they'd have to change the way the game plays.

ihaten4glol3584d ago

Anytime I hear anything about the Wii anymore, I'm disappointed. I wish I didn't feel that way, but why expect anything better? Especially BioShock...that just begs the question, "why?".

italianbreadman3584d ago

So sad. So much potential...

predator3584d ago

There have been a lot of "whys" this generation

Voiceofreason3584d ago

It really isnt that hard to figure out. Lead console with the most software sales.. What exactly do you expect them to do? Ignore millions of dollars because a couple of uninformed fanboys dont like a console that doesnt carry their company name on it?

SinnedNogara3584d ago

Remember, the president of 2K Games said he was disappointed with hardcore Wii games and I left a comment telling him to quit whining and to actually make some. Maybe he reads the N4G comments!

On Topic: If they do it right, make the graphics look like the first Chronicles of Riddick game, then sure, I'll buy it.

THey better not screw this game up if it is true.

Anyone who will buy it click "Agree"!

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PS360WII3584d ago

Ubisoft taking over Wheelman? That could be good. Bioshock in general I don't care for so for it to come to the Wii or any console it's just not my cup of tea.

SlamVanderhuge3584d ago

I think Ubi getting Wheelman will do nothing but help that title...hope to see it happen

Joey Greco RULES3584d ago

i love this series but i would love it to change its formula as well. gets boring after a while. change is good.

Elven63584d ago

Err Wheelman is a new ip, their was no game before it.. are you thinking of Driver?

Lombax3584d ago

Anyone actually care about this game? I mean if it's good I'll give it a try, but from what I have seen so far there is no reason for excitement.

Joey Greco RULES3584d ago

maybe i just feel like its the same thing, lol.
silly me.

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The story is too old to be commented.