NVIDIA's Tegra in the flesh, booting to Android and pumping out 1080p video

NVIDIA really has a technical wonder in the Tegra APX 2600 chipset, and is more than happy to show it off, with a myriad of tech demos on display here at MWC. Some of this they showed off back in June of last year, but it's no less impressive -- there aren't really any mobile devices out there capable of this stuff right now.

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Kain813586d ago

the PSP2 will get.

2 years ago Nvidia received 50.mio $ from Sony.

DJ3586d ago

I don't see how Sony would be able to pass up on the Tegra chipset. Hi-def, powerful graphics, low power consumption, and the board is TINY.

Kakkoii3585d ago

Yeah, this things absolutely amazing. I can't believe how stupid mobile device companies have been in not adopting this. It's cheap to make and plows through the competition. I'd really love to get my hands on one.

likedamaster3586d ago

1080p output for movies and 720p for games is quite impressive.