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Street Fighter IV completely obliterates expectations for a console version of the arcade fighting game, in much the same way Street Fighter IV as an original arcade release is exactly what any fan of the series would have asked for and more. The feel-good factor offered by SFIV reminds us what it's like to enjoy playing proper videogames again, rather than watch games pretending to be films or standing on one leg on a hundred-dollar bathroom scale.

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dirigiblebill3560d ago

Don't have time for this yet! BAD CAPCOM. IN YOUR BED.

Trebius3560d ago

Yeah i hate when that happens...

I recently bought a few games on the PS3, DMC4, Lair, Folklore, Ninja Gaiden Sigma...just seeing what i missed the first year.

(Not much if you ask me)

SF4 is going to suck countless hours out of my life.

dirigiblebill3560d ago

...though I can do without Lair I think!

Might have to bump this one up the list though. I have a couple of mates I used to play SF3 against at uni - a beer-fuelled rematch is in order...