Suikoden Tierkreis Audio Interview: Konami Veteran Norikazu Miura Tells All

Konami composer Norikazu Miura has been working on the Suikoden series since Suikoden IV, and has a lot to say about the music in the latest installment of the series. While there won't be returning characters or locations in Tierkreis, Miura insists that the music will sound distinctly Suikoden. He also discusses the possibility of an arrange album and the participation of original Suikoden composer Miki Higashino.

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ThatCanadianGuy3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

I highly recommend buying the original Suikoden on PSN
(i don't know if it's on XBL)

But it's seriously one of the Best RPG's i've ever played.
Can't believe i missed this back in the day.

Lucreto3527d ago

I love the Suikoden series and I hope it comes to the PSN. I hope Suikoden 3 will come if Sony puts PS2 games on PSN.

Arcubalis3527d ago

The original Suikoden is my favorite game of all time. I miss Higashino's music, but Miura is good too.

ExcelKnight3526d ago

Suikoden 2 really needs to come out on PSN... Short of the highly-overpriced eBay auctions, it's impossible to find a working copy of the game anymore.

Anyway. Miura did a good job when he took control of Suikoden 5. Let's see if he captures the spirit of Suikoden with Tierkreis.

Enate3526d ago

Suikoden II is close to my most favorite game of all time Xenogears an that's saying a lot. Suikoden one of the best series ever made I can't wait for a new one.

Baka-akaB3526d ago

Music wasnt really good or memorablefor the 4th game , aside from intro . A far cry from the original composer .

Suikoden's V music was good however .

frictionini3526d ago


Don't care w/c platform just give it to us!

oh and please make the timeline after suikoden3 hehe

Arcubalis3526d ago

Just waiting for a freaking VI announcement. It's a shame Tierkreis isn't continuing the series traditions of returning characters and locales. But I'm still looking forward to it.