Get ready, here comes the Killzone 2 Mobile Training Centre

Three Speech writes:

"Sony has just been in touch to tell us about the Killzone 2 Mobile Training Centre. This is your chance to get the jump on the Helghast with some tips and training from masters of the game. It should also give you the edge in online play - so well worth getting to one of the sessions if you can."

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Itrguy0013558d ago

ok so waht does this mean? any1 wanna fill me in on what this does?

SmokingMonkey3558d ago

that has PS3's playing Killzone2, it drives around spreading helghan cheer to all the boys and girls of Europe

SmokingMonkey3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

to a SONY training session on Killzone2 in Las Vegas (Galleria Mall, Gamestop)

it's for employee's only and i imagine he (Sony Rep) will have the whole game for us to try out, but if he just brings the demo, i'll get some free KZ2 swag then go home...and play the demo.....again...then i'll pop in SF4

Mr Tretton3558d ago

Would be cool to go to I guess, if you lived nearby

Half-Mafia3558d ago

what about London the capital of the UK. WTF