Gamebosh Review: Wii Music

Gamebosh writes: "The likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band have shown that gamers like pretending to play musical instruments on their consoles. Not only that, but they're also happy to pay rather large amounts of money to do this, due to the number and cost of the required peripherals. So, you'd think a title that lets you mimic instruments and retails for the price of a standard game, without need for any expensive add-ons, would be the greatest thing since someone said "hey guys, lets cut up the bread for them".

Unfortunately, this is not the case. That's not to say that Wii Music is a bad game, as such, it's just that it's not really much of a game at all. While the likes of Guitar Hero is constantly challenging you with harder songs, requiring almost inhuman feats of hand-eye coordination, Wii Music seems to be all about shaking your arms about to the beat, in order to make your Mii character play a tune, with no apparent penalty for straying from it."

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