Landmark: Nintendo Passes 500 Million Systems Shipped

ChartGet contributor Joshua Slone reveals in several charts that Nintendo has done the unthinkable: passed 500 million systems sold.

That's one Nintendo system for every man, woman, and child for every person in North America (with 50 million plus to spare).

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PantherLotus3560d ago

1. More than all the people in North America (US:300M, CAN:40M, MEX:100M)

2. 500 million would be 4 Nintendo systems for every breathing person in Japan.

3. 70% of all people in Europe.

BrunoM3560d ago

All any one can say to something like these is

WOW now thats some numbers WOW

Playstation still is way back right ps2 something around 150Mil psp more or less 50Mil ps3 for now aound 20Mil so thats about 220Mil i dont know the numbers for the ps1 but lets say 50Mil 320Mil not bad at all even tho sony ame like 15 years or so later to the party lol..

but what ever amazing numbers ..

Panthers3560d ago

I thought the PS1 was around 100 mil. Still everyone had a NES.

BrunoM3560d ago

humm so if its 100Mil ps1s 150Mil Ps2s 50Mil Psps and 20Mil ps3 not bad hummm lol..

320 mil not bad at all ... o well like i said amazing number good job nintendo is good for us gamers to see these kinda of numbers ..

not these stupid weekly ones ... but W.e kool

BrunoM3559d ago

lol you people toke a bubble away from me because i said i like more these kind of numbers than i do the weekly ones ??? lol thats funny lol.. and sad!

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PS360WII3560d ago

Good gravy that's quite a few consoles 0.0

SexyPrawns3560d ago

I'm new.

How did you get all those bubbles, you handsome, handsome man?

Blink_443560d ago

^ dont make fanboy comments.


OMGHI3560d ago

OMG.... rich bastards... LOL JK! GJ NINTENDO!

LoydX-mas3559d ago

that with all that money, the owner of Nintendo could literally buy the Mariners some wins.:)

CAPT IRISH3560d ago

well I have 4 n64s, 3 ds, 3 gamecubes, 4 gameboys, and 2 gbas, and 1 piece of sh!t wii.

UnwanteDreamz3559d ago

LOL no sh!t I have 3 kids all have a DS damn almost every kid in my family under 10 has a DS. WOW never really thought about it. All 3 of mine had a GB advance too.....hmmm

*looks in mailbox for check from Nintendo*

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The story is too old to be commented.