Gamefly Charts: Halo Wars Topples Killzone 2 writes:

"Last week, Killzone 2 made gamefly chart history by being the first PS3 exclusive title to top the typically Xbox 360 dominated cross platform list. The historic week at the top of the Gamefly charts was short lived as Killzone 2 has been toppled by Halo Wars.

For the week of February 17, 2009, Halo Wars takes the top spot on the cross-platform Gamefly Top Ten 'Most Queued' list. Following close behind is Killzone 2 (PS3). House of the Dead: Overkill is at the top of the Nintendo Wii Queue as well...

Queue up the complete Gamefly Top 10 most requested lists:"

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Darkseider3586d ago

Not only is this for the Gamefly rentals but for the purchases. How many of these rentals and purchases are going to be disappointed kids? The reason I ask this is when I was in Gamestop pre-ordering Killzone 2 a younger kid 12 - 14 yrs. old was going all ga ga over Halo Wars. He began begging his dad for the game and to pre-order it. Then once he saw that the game was not Halo as he thought it was (read FPS) he got all bummed and said nevermind. My concern is that a lot of these will be sold to unexpecting kids thinking the same to only be returned shortly thereafter due to it not being a FPS. The one thing I do like about Halo Wars is that it seems that they got the whole RTS on a console control thing ironed out pretty well.

Cajun Chicken3586d ago

One of my friends at uni almost put a pre-order thinking that Halo Wars was basically ODST a while back. I stopped him and filled him in what Halo Wars is because we both can't stand RTS games but love Halo campaigns.
It's not just kids too.

edgeofblade3586d ago

Don't count it out Cajun. This game could very well make RTS fans out of a lot of people. I came into it saying how much I hate RTS just like you, and came away converted.

Cartesian3D3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

I thought the exact same thing.. but i hadnt enough guts to say that .. lol .. bubbles for you ..

its absolutely true because many HALO fans are not into internet ,reveiws or news or whatever.. they (or their parents lol) saw ADs and then buy next HALO game ..

many of them will buy HALO wars and then see OMG its not FPS or HALO:ODST?
but may be its a good EVIL! thing to expand the RTS genre ... :P

Smacktard3586d ago


I agree. But they deserve it. Morons who're just as bad as those that buy shovelware. It's practically the same thing: buying for the name brand (like those that buy crappy movie games). I hope they enjoy their less-than-average RTS (really? RTS on a console? Why was this ever considered a good idea?). And yet, I hope they don't act like it's the best FPS ever. Though knowing Halo fans, they will.

sonarus3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Great news for Halo wars and i hope it outsells KZ2. Perhaps that will teach sony some common sense marketing tactics like placing posters at gamestop.

Those saying rent or buy. Though i agree that Halo Wars at its very best is a rental, it still is bad for it to topple KZ2 on gamefly charts. Charts like gamefly can give a rough picture of the demand for a title and basically its saying Halo wars is in hotter demand. This is mostly due to the fact that it has Halo on there and sony is relying STRICTLY on internet and fanboy hype to raise awareness for the game. Its a super cheap tactic but it is what it is

eagle213586d ago

Where people actually want to OWN the game, instead of RENT.

no-spin3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

will call a lot of 360 owners. Many bought the 360 just for halo 3, and H wars seems like a quality product. I played the demo, is totally enjoyable. I might pick it up when the price comes down.

The Halo universe makes a nice twist to the typical Age of the Empire RTS, i know is not the same, but as an RTS HW stands proudly, specially making the transition to the console world.

It is thanks to games like this and the gamers support the 360 gets that 2009 will be a good year for the 360, unlike recent articles here trying to point otherwise.

This generation totally justifies to own both consoles (got the wii, hate it, not recommended). 360 and PS3 delivers unmatched entertainment value for the price. Even the PS2 still delivers games (as a side note :)
Great times for gamers

@the two replies below

you two seem angry, i dont understand.
360 fanbase likes halo, that is a known fact, and a good point for MS.
HW is sweet, what is the problem with that???

power of Green 3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

I always find it PS3 fans think they know what 360 fans like or how they will feel about any given game etc.

Sort of ignorant to claim kids are the bulk of Halo fans lol. FPS fans are all kids? lowl

The GOD DAM demo has been on XBL for Days/weeks?

$1's post doesn't even make sense but if he want to make excuses what ever lol.

altimako023586d ago

READ before you buy idiots.and I think all of this is a bunch of fanboy crap. people trying to say that all MS is trying to do is capitalize on the halo franchise without informing people what the game is about and and the genre. So maybe all of you should become hooked on phonics and read before you make a decision on your purchases

edgeofblade3586d ago

Guys, this isn't about Halo or console RTS. Have you even considered that your absolute beliefs of "Halo always sucks" and "console RTS always sucks" could be wrong? Give me a little credit here. I played the Killzone 2 demo three times to see if might be wrong about my expectations. And not that smug kind of attempt where I decided forehand I didn't like it. On the other hand, I didn't decide I liked it before I played it either.

If you don't start off hating Halo, you might find Halo Wars is a good console RTS given the constraints of a console system. Look at it on it's merits as a game first. I went into that demo not expecting anything special... I hate RTS, and I merely appreciate Halo... but I came away impressed with how natural a console RTS could feel.

jammy_703586d ago

oh NO!!!

who gives a s**t we all no killzone 2 is the better game...

edgeofblade3586d ago

No Jammy. You just really really really want it to. But like Disney says, if you just believe hard enough, maybe you could make it happen.

It's magic.

Sitdown3586d ago

"who gives a s**t we all no killzone 2 is the better game..."

Hahaha...if you are going to make such least use the correct form of "know". Sort of makes you look less credible.

SL1M DADDY3586d ago

after playing the demo of Killzone 2, many of those looking to rent the game decided to purchase it and moved their rental to Halo Wars since it is the better choice between the two for rental. People will purchase Killzone 2 and rent Halo Wars. I know that is what I am doing. I don't care for RTS's but this one I might give a try at the full retail version. I liked BFME on the 360 a while back so who knows.

Kleptic3586d ago

POG stop posting on this site...

you do nothing but put ps3 fans in boxes all the stop whining when you find out people are putting you in a box too...all the OP stated was that some people may be ignorant to what halo wars is as first (in terms of what genre the game is)...and therefor may end up disappointed when they find out its a strategy game...and that is undoubtedly true...

Xandet3586d ago

and I have Halo Wars in my Q, while Killzone 2 is not. That's only because I'm actually buying KZ2, BUT STILL!

3586d ago
BRG90003586d ago

Why is everyone acting like Microsoft is using the Halo franchise for this game to "deceive" gamers or "disguise" a bad game? It's nothing different from what's been done with Mario, Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, etc for decades. Microsoft has found themselves with a strong, successful IP and is rightfully looking to expand it. Stop inventing things to hate and judge the game on its own merits.

outlawlife3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

i got quite the giggle out of whoever said "most halo fans aren't into the internet"

says who? it only has been the top play FPS online for how many years now? i'm sure a good portion of that audience uses their internet connection more for more than just halo games

perhaps halo wars is doing well because the game is actually pretty decent, don't try to excuse its success as a fluke

it was developed by one of the top RTS developers of all time and actually got RTS controls to work on a console, i'll give it the credit it deserves

as far as nobody buying RTS on consoles, what about the success of command and conquer 3? or the high praise battle for middle earth got?

gamers love RTS games, it is just up until recently no consoles had really good ones

gaffyh3586d ago

Could this mean that people consider Halo Wars only rent-worthy, rather than buy-worthy?

Also does anyone else get the sneaky suspicion that MS is purposely not advertising this game, in order to trick some (non-informed) Halo fans to buy this game.

f7897903586d ago

Let them flock mindlessly to it. It will teach them a lesson.

JaggedSac3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

My oh my. These comments are the worst I have seen. An Ensemble RTS is a quick cash in on the Halo name? Even though they approached M$ with the idea for a streamlined console RTS well before the Halo brand was involved? People are going to buy it not realizing what genre of game it is??!?!?! Man, PS3 fanboys really need to get a grip on themselves.

If M$ wanted to trick people, they would not have put a demo out for everyone to try out. And it is well displayed on the NXE, so anyone that is mindlessly driven to the Halo brand name, would have been mindlessly driven to the Halo Wars content on the NXE. At least try to make your lame theories decent.

N4360G3586d ago

LOL Killzone 2 is still the better game,after people rent Halo Wars,they will not buy it,the people who rented Killzone 2 will buy it.


I don't think this game is enough to make more RTS fans, but I know I liked what they did with the controls, I just played the demo on monday (I don't have a 360) and I was like "Oh my god, it's a RTS on a console... and it works! Some physics laws must have gone BOOM!".

That said, I still belive KZ2 will do better than Halo Wars sale wise, just because of the FPS vs RTS (the much I think KZ2 is better than any other FPS I have played, I still think it couldn't beat Halo Wars if it was an FPS, brand name weights too much here, so from there comes that "just because of genre" - stating before people want to take my cojones out).

For sure many people will get this only for being Halo (the hype gun is in full auto for both games) but I don't think it will take too much time for more people realize this isn't the Halo they are looking for, so I believe KZ2 will remain some good weeks on top spot and will sell well over time (specially if a price cut come soon after) while Halo Wars shall have a good first or second week and than a sudden fall in sales once people get it (which is sad, RTS is a great genre and this is, for what I played, a good fun RTS).

R.I.P. Ensemble, you did a good job.

Aquanox3585d ago

Street Fighter IV is the game that is actually topping both in, which some people likes to quote.

TheBlackSmoke3585d ago

One other tiny little detail you may of not thought of. gamefly is a USA only service, ya know USA where 360 has a much much larger install base. USA is not the whole world.

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edgeofblade3586d ago

That's funny. After playing both demos, I put Killzone 2 at the top of my Gamefly list... because I knew I would be buying Halo Wars, day one. So this could mean that people are more interested in buying Killzone 2 and interested in merely renting HW.

Honestly, this doesn't prove a hell of a lot. Gamefly routinely has the top chart completely saturated with 360 games. That probably means that there is a glut of 360 owners who have Gamefly.

The Gamefly list isn't an accurate metric of anything... other than Gamefly itself. We don't know if it's representative of the gaming populace or not. If you took a real metric, it might tell a different story.

Voiceofreason3586d ago

I wonder if you pointed the same thing out when it was Killzone 2 on gamefly or do you just wait til it is a 360 or Wii game to play it down and say it doesnt matter.

What makes PS3 owners think Killzone 2 the sequel to a flop will sale 15 million copies on day 1 when NO PS3 game to date has performed as well as Sony fans claim it will?

Wasnt Resistance and Resistance 2 both Halso killers? and here we are 2 months since Resistance 2 came out and every one has forgetten yet another AAA must own that was going to take PS3 to number 1 but failed.

I see no reason to assume Killzone will do great, there is nothing in reality to base that on. PS3 fans are so desperate to prove they have a hit I wouldnt put it past Sony fans to put down 5 preorders for 1 game knowing they will only buy 1 but trying as hard as they can to inflate sales numbers.

callahan093586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

It's true. GameFly is primarily loaded with 360-owning achievement whores (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). I have about a dozen friends with 360's, and more than half of them have GameFly, because they like to go for every achievement possible, even in crap games they'd never buy. They just sign up for GameFly and rent every game under the sun and play them for as long as they can stand, racking up those achievement points. Most people on my friends list have huge numbers of achievement points, and it's because they're addicted, and they use GameFly to get their fix as cheaply as possible.

Maybe someday there will be enough PS3 owners, PS3 games with trophy support, and PS3 trophy whores to even it out a bit, but for now, GameFly's primary customer is the Achievement Whore.

Anon19743586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

There isn't a single Sony owner out there that says Killzone 2 is going to sell 15 million copies, or 8 million, or even 4 million (well, maybe 4 million over time is possible, but not likely). No one is predicting that's it's even going to do Gears or Halo numbers...because everyone knows it isn't. Stop putting words in other people's mouths.

And also go back and look at old news regarding Resistance 2. Go ahead, I'll wait. Ok, do you see anyone saying it was a Halo killer, or that it would take the PS3 to number 1? No?

Face it, you've created this phantom "Sony Fanboy" menace in your own head and you see Sony Fanboys everywhere you look. Probably check under your bed at night for em. Edgeofblade rightly asks the question "What is this really a measure of," and you accuse him of being a Sony fanboy because maybe he didn't ask this out loud before. Who cares? At least he's contributing something thoughtful to the conversation instead of randomly criticizing a group of fans for things they've never said. And then saying "Sony fans are preordering 5 copies knowing they'll only buy one to inflate pre-order numbers." Seriously, tinfoil hat a little snug? What a maroon!


@ darkride66

wow, your level of self denial is baffling...

Anon19743586d ago

I'm willing to accept that criticism if you would explain yourself. How am I in self denial? Did you try looking at old news items for these the phantom Sony Fanboys, saying Killzone was going to sell 15 million, or take the PS3 to the top. Did anyone say that, or say that about Resistance 2? Was it just 2 fanboys, or was it everyone? People are excited about these titles, but where are the legion of Sony Fanboys claiming this is going to put the PS3 on top? No one is saying that, nor did they say that. Go have a look.

3586d ago
power of Green 3586d ago

Only when KZ2 is 2nd and not first?(and not by much) lol

Gotcha ;)

Anon19743586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

I'm having serious difficulty trying to discern what your point is from either of your posts.

"Sort of ignorant to claim kids are the bulk of Halo fans lol. FPS fans are all kids? lowl" one said that. Did you even read the posts you commented on?

"Only when KZ2 is 2nd and not first?"
What does that mean? What exactly is the question you're asking here, or the point you're trying to make? you speak it? Complete thoughts, please. It's hard for those of us who like to comment on articles and feedback when people are posting "Yeah, PS3 fans donkey fire lick. LOWLZ!"

3586d ago
Sitdown3586d ago

"PS3 fans are so desperate to prove they have a hit I wouldnt put it past Sony fans to put down 5 preorders for 1 game knowing they will only buy 1 but trying as hard as they can to inflate sales numbers."

Haha...that made me chuckle. By no means am I saying people really did do that...but I do know that I have two pre-orders for the game that I am canceling. I order at Gamestop for the demo...and then when amazon had that $5 off sale I order there too.....needless to say I just used Gamestop for the demo...but after playing the demo, I decided I could wait a while before picking up this now I will be canceling the amazon order as well. I am going to assume that that is not necessarily the norm....but I am sure that Gamestop might see their fair share of cancellations.

No Way3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Yes, that would explain why Killzone2 is number two(2) on the list.

Nice Call, bro! -.-

Bet your story would be different if Killzone2 held the number one(1) spot..

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TOO PAWNED3586d ago

How come ppl forget that Killzone 2 is M rated game - 18+!?!!

TOO PAWNED3586d ago

Besised 360 has 14 million install base in USA, while PS3 has 7.5 million

dachiefsman3586d ago

i love how people lose their minds over this stuff. lmfao.

thanks, guys you made my day!

mcgrawgamer3586d ago

if anything it shows people are intrested in playing halo wars but not technically buying it. I'm gonna buy it but I enjoyed the demo. this does not mean HW is better than KZ2 or vice versa it means there are good games on all platforms so just play em.

BRG90003586d ago

Is it not newsworthy unless it's claiming one game is better than the other? Not every article on here has to be fanboy fuel, some are just interesting.

Pennywise3586d ago

It is news worthy because the xbox fans have absolutely NOTHING to look forward to. I love the way they get all excited about a genre that they dont even like because of a name.

This is all the excitement they will have until MS announces the next Sony exclusive stolen @ E3.... due to be released in 2012-13, because you know... its exciting.

Proves the mentality of these people. They are all happy their favorite brand has stolen an exclusive and forced the devs to water it down, condense it to fit on their tiny medium and delay it for another year or two. Tekken6 and FF say hi.