LEGO Universe Won't Arrive This Year

Brian Crecente of Kotaku writes:

"Online multiplayer game LEGO Universe won't be coming out this year as planned, the LEGO Group told Kotaku this morning.

"Within the company we have made a strategic decision within LEGO to make a delay of LEGO Universe. It will not be coming out in 2009," said Mark Hansen, director of business development for the LEGO Group. "The reason is, we have a luxury right now, the business is going good. We have products launching that are not digital, the physical products, with them going so well we don't want to take focus away from them.""

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M337ING3466d ago

Anyone really care?

Thought so.

JustinSaneV23466d ago

Does anyone really care about what you think?

Didn't think so.

Panthers3466d ago

If you dont care, dont click on it. Its not hard.

LeonSKennedy4Life3466d ago

I really like LEGO's though.

When will we get a K'NEX game?

JustinSaneV23466d ago

Are those even still around?

How about a Lincoln Logs game? :D

cryymoar3466d ago

but lincoln logs are boring.
lego's are where it's at.

jimsondanet3466d ago

it would overshadow their original product, but it would be far cheaper in the long run. i suspect their making the most of physical lego while the recession allows for it, introducing virtual lego when the profit drops