Sea Journey Released and Demo

DivoGames has released Sea Journey, a puzzle game with a playing area divided into two parts: a match3 field and a visual sea battle above it. As you put matching items in a line, they blow up and affect the course of the battle or give you some profit. For example, a line of cannon balls lets you have a cannon-shot at the enemy; wheels increase the maneuvering ability of your ship in the battle, thus reducing the enemy's shooting accuracy; various gems designate special features, five for each type of ships; coins let you buy new ships, and scrolls give you extra experience for ship upgrade. You and your enemy have 3 moves every turn, but if you match 4 or 5 items, you get extra moves. Sea Journey requires not only moving items, but also working out a tactical plan. However, you can get useful tips that help to choose what matches are the most beneficial. Sea Journey can be purchased from its official website.

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