Street Fighter IV World Record Attempt This Friday

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of videogames, announced today that UK's premier Street Fighter player Zak Bennet will attempt to break into the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition with a new world record for most consecutive wins on Street Fighter IV, in conjunction with the game's launch on Friday 20th February.

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Serjikal_Strike3585d ago

thats it?...send them to my house..I'll beat that!

sephy 9 2 53585d ago

um....let's multiply that minimum by about 3 and make that the new standard.

Rock Bottom3585d ago

Am I the only one who think this recored is retarded? Someone who could make a 30-50 wins streak in a local arcade, wont last for 5 or even one match in a place like Game Inn Sakura where pro Japanese players play, this will depend completely on your opponents level, I bet I could do a 100 win against noobs.

shadowfox3585d ago

Only 10? Hell, that would be funny if someone else came to play and set it. I remember at anime conventions I would see players on SF3 with 40-50 game win streaks.

Certainly Daigo or Justin Wong could play for hours...

PirateThom3585d ago

Bare in mind, this is the first attempt. If he was to get 9, the record would not be applicable and not entered.

I doubt he'll get to 10 and stop, he'll go for as many wins as he can in 4 hours if he's good enough.

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The story is too old to be commented.