Slighty Mad Studios Could Possibly Face Legal Action

Just after being in business for a bit over 2 weeks, Slightly Mad Studios (NFS Shift Developers) could be facing legal action from SimBin.

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DelbertGrady3561d ago

I think SimBin are jealous. Imo Slightly Mads new NFS looks much better than RacePro, even if I've only seen screens of it so far.

Speed-Racer3561d ago

I dont think its that...SimBin has excellent race physics techniques in their games...and well we dunno how good SMS's handling is gonna I think thats what they want protected... the fact they make some of the most accurate handling vehicles in sim racing.

DelbertGrady3561d ago

Yeah, you're probably right. I was just joking =) Still more interested in the new NFS though.

Speed-Racer3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Hopefully things will work out for them..>I think its just bad wording....cause they did work with Simbin ...but used their words too expressively.

DelbertGrady3561d ago

It doesn't seem like it's something that will jeopardize Slightly Mads projects. Which is good.

Speed-Racer3561d ago

It shouldnt... even if they lose...might just be a slap on the wrist.

power of Green 3561d ago

Lets hope the contributors don't waste anymore space on this site posting this legal issue BS.

Wee got all we needed to know the first time this legal issue was posted on this site.

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