How Long Did It Take You To Download 'The Lost And Damned'?


"The Lost And Damned," a downloadable expansion for "Grand Theft Auto IV," was supposed to debut at midnight on the west coast, but we couldn't locate the 1.78GB file until 40 minutes later. After purchasing some points, it took us 38 minutes, 14 seconds to download the expansion. What about you?"

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MasFlowKiller3502d ago

i haven't gotten it, still not sure if am going to be yeah

how big of a download is it?

jahcure3502d ago

Was a lot of hyping going around for it and i almost took the bait, but today i feel completely uninterested again. I haven't played this game in ernest in months, but it's still one of my last played games on my 360.

mcgrawgamer3502d ago

I highly doubt you'll like the dlc.

it's a 1.4 download took me about 35 minutes with a lot of traffic. I've only had about 10 minutes to touch it though. it does add the new story mode, new weapons, and new multiplayer content but I've yet to check any of it out.

Lou-Cipher3502d ago

I started downloading a little after 1:30 am and finished downloading after 7:00am, so about 5 1/2 hours

C_SoL3502d ago

that's pretty funny. :D


Took me like 6 hours to download Fable 2 Knothe Island thanks to much traffic. So why the disaggres?

3502d ago
thenickel3502d ago

Actually your cable connection is the issue. Cable might download faster but it uploads slower than dsl. You might want to rethink your complaint.

SonyRulz3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

I have a 26mb download and 3-5mb upload (depends on day/time).... I don't think I'm the problem, son.

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Zeus Lee3502d ago

I didn't download it,but it won't take longer than an hour or two given the download size.

The Dude3502d ago

Why didn't you download it before commenting?

TheForgotten0ne3502d ago

Maybe because he don't want to BUY it? :P

AngryHippo3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

....been playing it all morning. Definitely best bit of downloadable content I have ever bought. I am really enjoying it at the moment, only 10% through. Billy is an awesome character. Absolute headcase.

On topic, took me around 2 and a half hours to download. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

Xbox Street Gang3502d ago (Edited 3502d ago )

How does it compare to GTA4? If it's more of the same, I won't bother. Also, are the graphics downgraded?

DelbertGrady3502d ago

"42 minutes ago
If I wanted a console that was a place holder for the PS3... I would've bought a 360 in '05 because that console was tapped when Gears 1 came out. Guess you bots 'll learn when the PS4 comes out"

Are you aware that the GTA IV DLC is only available for the "PS3's placeholder"?

Anon19743502d ago

Did I miss something? Who said anything about the PS3?

3502d ago
AngryHippo3502d ago

....why would the graphics be downgraded?! They are exactly the same, I do however think the character models look better but other than that I haven't really noticed.

DelbertGrady3502d ago

Well you implied you did.

"If it's more of the same, I won't bother."

So you mean you wouldn't bother anyways since you don't own a 360? Your comment was just pure trolling?

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