Rumor: Microsoft Thinking About Non-Gaming Achievements?

Microsoft recently sent out a survey asking gamers how they feel about Achievements. Towards the end, one of the questions asked how you would feel about certain Achievement types. One of the options is fairly interesting.

"Providing Achievements for non-gaming uses of your Xbox 360 (e.g., "The Film Buff: You've watched 50 DVD's")"

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Bob Dole3587d ago

For the people who don't care about achievements it will sound stupid. For the one's who do care it will sound awesome... it goes both ways folks.

jahcure3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

xbox 360 was all about games, well it was when i bought one..seems like MS is giving up a lot on the gamer.

EDIT: Also who's going to watch 50 DVDs on their HD gaming machine connected to a HDTV. I thought DD was where it's at?

Capt CHAOS3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Nice try with the fanboy thing.

Who said that achievements couldn't be linked to DD downloads/views?

And no, the 360's not just about games, it's about entertainment, just as the PS3 is. However, 360's main focus appears to be standard games, PS3's 50/50% between films and gaming and Wii's main focus being novelty controlled games with mass appeal.

r3xmund13587d ago

Biggest Dumbass... - For coming back for the 8th console after SEVEN RROD's Cos I would have that one..... In fact my 7th console is currently being repaired, thank god for spares...

But jeezus, how about most patient!

Mr Pumblechook3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

This is hilarious pop will eat themselves stuff. Microsoft ask Xbox 360 owners if they want a 'Trophy Room.' Now haven't Sony said something about this before?

What will be even funnier is if they implement their trophy room before Sony do on the PlayStation 3!

nix3587d ago

1500 points for 1st RROD and also for refusing to complain.
2000 points for 2nd RROD and also for sticking with it.
2500 points for 3rd RROD and defending MS.
3000 points for 4th RROD and still sticking with it.
100 points for the 5th RROD and being a loser.

1000 points every month for defending MS and it's sister associates in sites like N4G etc.
500 points every month for defending 360 in sites like N4G etc.
10000 points every week for running a site to defend 360.

last heard, the last one has already been implemented.

Half-Mafia3587d ago

@ Capt CHAOS

what bullshit u talk, the stupid NXE has 2 tabs that r for adverts, video marketplace which gets advertised alot on them advert tabs. the game marketplace, friends and my xbox.

on the PS3 u have to go into the PS Store to see any adverts.

Shadow Flare3587d ago

-Your Xbox 360 has lasted longer then 1 week-

No Way3587d ago

Uhm... Netflix, maybe?

BiG_LU3586d ago

For me is not important at all, the achievement r cool but instead losing time doing that BS, developer have to focus in the game play, control and graphics, like the control on GEoW, the worse control I ever seen.

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dubbalubagis3587d ago

Sounds ridiculous though. I would rather have achievements remain the way they are. Otherwise we will have an achievement that says "Turn your Xbox 360 on 1,000 times in one month" and then the inevitable "Get 1 RRoD in that same period."

Bob Dole3587d ago

Hehe you couldn't resist could you??

dubbalubagis3587d ago

I am very fond of achievements, just to be clear. I just think they should stay gaming related.

DelbertGrady3587d ago

Why not have both? I would like that.

iiprotocolii3587d ago

I would also prefer to have Achievements to stay gaming related, personally...

3587d ago
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Fishy Fingers3587d ago

Sure similar information was floating around early last year.

If put in place I think it's a somewhat elaborate way to get users to try out all the features of their console and then, in return become avid users of said feature and perhaps in certain cases, produce extra revenue through that feature (Netflix for example).

Not something that reallly interests me, but if your into achievements you might be excited by this. Certain stuff though, just forces people to perform monotonous processes for an achievement, things like that I have zero interest in. Why perform something you find unenjoyable for some irrelevant points?

Shadow Flare3587d ago

-You played through an online match without someone cussing your mother-

Jerk1203587d ago

Microsoft - Always thinking about their console fanbase.

Unlike another company I know.


Think they the best but can't even come up with a competant console to compete so they release an overpriced crappy one that backfires and fails.

LeGenDx3587d ago

they would've fixed the RROD. lawlawlwlalwlawl

360 man3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

they have

shows how smart u are

xaviertooth3587d ago

like where are the games?

like RRoD?

agree LegendX, lawlawlaWlawlawlaw!!!

Jerk1203587d ago

What do you mean where are the games? We've got more games than you do.

And RROD? Atleast they TRY to fix it.


Unlike Sony, who doesn't do a price cut even though there's an economy crisis going on.


DJ3587d ago

An Xbox 360 broke down from RROD at CES just last month. In fact, it's pretty much commonplace for 360s to break down at trade shows. Developers swap out dead 360 kits all the time, and media sites constantly complain about it as well.

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kingme713587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Achievements and trophies are every bit a marketing tool for MS and Sony as they are an award for you. Why do you think Sony mandated that all games needed trophies by a certain date? Because they want gamers to feel special? No, because they are extra incentives to get the game and likewise the console. How many times have you heard gamers with both systems choose a game for one over the other simply for the achievements/trophies? What about the "known" games that are easy to rack up achievements and trophies and are popular mainly for that reason?

By leveraging this same concept outside of games, MS is just giving more incentive to purchase their system.

3587d ago
GiantEnemyCrab3587d ago

Shadow Flare: The first time it was funny the 5th and 6th time you are just fvckin annoying. -bubble

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