WoW Arena Tournament Registration Opens

Registrations have opened for World of Warcraft players who wish to compete in the 2009 Arena Tournaments.

Blizzard is awarding over $200,000 in cash prizes to the players who come out on top, along with titles and an exclusive in-game pet.

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Maticus3563d ago

You get the pet just for doing 200 matches? I'm in!

Leord3563d ago

Yeh, only problem is having time for it =/

kwicksandz3563d ago

Grats to our DK and mutilate rogue overlords on their future tourney victory!.

Dorjan3563d ago

Cash prise for a tourny!? Good luck WoW fans...

Leord3563d ago

The WWI tournaments gave hundreds if thousands of Euro in total. And that's on a different budget than these tournaments.....

There has been a lot of criticism though, as class imbalances makes the game less eSport-friendly.

Leord3563d ago

Wow, sure thing, I can't win much, but I sure can do 200 matches!

AndyA3563d ago

Death Knights available too? Ace.

Leord3563d ago

Yeah, any class can be played in the tournament. o.O Why would DK's be excluded?

Leord3563d ago

Indeed, they are THROWING cash at it to make it a big thing...

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