Padres Pitcher: Wii Fit Helped Me Lose Weight

Padres Pitcher: Wii Fit Helped Me Lose Weight San Diego Padres pitcher Heath Bell lost 25 pounds in the off-season and who does he credit for his fitness break-through? Well, himself, obviously, but also Wii Fit.

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PS360WII3561d ago

Hmm that sounds like a paid ad. I mean a professional player who has access to equipment and personal trainers by the truck load and he got it done with Wii Fit...

Well good for him but yeah.

ChickeyCantor3561d ago

Maybe he must been more "aware".
Thats all i could think off.

But yeah it makes no sense at all xD

TruthbeTold3561d ago

with Wii Fit success is that it can be a good accountability partner. It can help keep you motivated not to eat crap since you are weighing in every day. It can help keep you weighing in, because some of the little games are fun. I see it like most other fitness based equipment. If you are motivated, eat right, and use it as one of several tools in a quest to lose weight, it works. It doesn't work if you play it twice, keep eating crap, don't run or lift weights on the side, etc. and expect a miracle.