GDC: Sony to reveal episodic PS3 games

Sony Computer Entertainment is working on a number of episodic PlayStation 3 games to be revealed this year, says SCEA director of production John Hight.

"Mid-summer this year we'll be talking about some games that are episodic in nature," Hight said, speaking at the Independent Games Summit at GDC. "Some by design, more like interactive TV broadcasts and some to take content and spread it out"

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kingboy4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

the link`s [email protected] up bro or maybe the problem is coming from my side

n4g sucks4273d ago

episodic Playstation 3 games? like interactive TV broadcasts? Sounds interesting!. imagine a game that comes out weekly, you play for a day and then you cant wait for the next episode. Maybe charge a small subscription fee. Game developers could build a game a week at a time and release them sooner instead of waiting two years to be finished. it Could be a great idea and it could flop. Sony is doing everything possible to win back the audience( don't worry Sony, you already got me)

GaMr-4273d ago

The site is acting weird. Dont worry Kingboy.... The article sucks

lil bush4273d ago

i thought it was only me to.Na man happend to me to this link is all mess up or something

lil bush4273d ago

heck he got though the page and when it seems like no one else can

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The story is too old to be commented.