PALGN: Killzone 2 Review

Palgn: Killzone 2 first of all, does not kill any game that has ever been released. The reason for this is that, well, you can't kill something that isn't alive. Seriously though, a game is a game and they are developed around the prospect of entertaining us. And Killzone 2 entertains in a big way.

Guerrilla have defied the claims that they could never reach the visual clarity of that infamous 2005 trailer and they defied claims that gameplay would be lacking. They haven't done anything really 'new', nor have they made a game that redefines the way we play FPS games. They've made a game that sets the benchmark for what level of quality FPS games should aim for, and stands strong against this generations biggest FPS games, proudly presenting itself as a vicious shooter that will grip you by the throat, and won't let go.

With superb aesthetics, a hugely polished single player component, and a deep, class based 32 player Multiplayer component, there is no reason why you shouldn't go and pick up Killzone 2.

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SupaPlaya3588d ago

does not kill any game that has ever been released. The reason for this is that, well, you can't kill something that isn't alive."

Tell THAT to the rest of the "game journalists".

Black Maverick3588d ago

Smartest thing said in a review in a long time.

locos853588d ago

LOL!!! Finally someone who makes sense of the obvious

Queers of War3588d ago

jealous bot, go hang yourself to relieve the pain or something

PirateThom3588d ago

Your tears are so bitter.

Jerk1203588d ago


This game isn't worth crap for anyone to get jealous or bitter over.

PirateThom3588d ago

And yet, you clearly are.


Jerk1203588d ago

You'd know wouldn't you? Because you're jealous and bitter all the time.

:( oh nooo my ps3 suuuucks, i maed bad purchise!! i wan 360 :(( dere games r betr :(!!

Nineball21123588d ago

I think I found a pic of Sleipnir and his bitter tears...

PirateThom3588d ago

I have a 360, I loaned it to my brother because I hardly played it due to sheer lack of games.

Traveler3588d ago

It's getting nothing but good scores and yet you want to try and sit here and say it sucks? That makes you look really silly.

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1233603588d ago

well its a day one purchase for me,the multiplayer side of it with clans taking on each other for valour thats going to be real competive.

1233603588d ago

how can you say it sucks if you don,t own a ps3,i have both consoles and from all reveiws this is a aaa title with the best graphics out there whats to hate,try down loading the demo ooooppps no console have you lol.loser

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The story is too old to be commented.