PS3Life: Flower review

Flower is just like Linger in Shadows not really a game, but more an interactive experience. It could be described as an interactive poem, masks in an artistic style with very beautiful scenery and beautiful music. But if you only expect bright and colorful environments than you are totally wrong ...

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Kingsora3439d ago

I wouldn't call it the best but one of the best

cayal3439d ago

Flower is damn amazing. It is a video game Zen. A video game poem. It's peace on TV.

Kingsora3439d ago

Btw it is the best PSN game, though

trpride3439d ago

I agree with the editor his conclusion, this game just isn't made for everyone

trpride3439d ago

Flower isn't that good IMO, visuals aren't everything and sometimes the SIXAXIS controls just aren't working perfectly