Console controller comfort

An article on the differing ergonomics and comfort level of games controllers since the NES pad to the present day

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GrieverSoul3560d ago

Even though i feel confortable with the Dualshock 3, the X360 pad is really awesome. I like the way it fuses with your hand. The Dreamcast wasnt so great or my hand was just too small back then, I dunno.

The Mega Drive controller (croissant anyone?)! Ah... the memoriers

Bob Dole3559d ago

But wat about teh Nintendo Powah' Glove!???

christian hour3559d ago

I'm in the same boat as you regarding the dualshock 3 versus the 360 pad. It just rests in your hands and you barely notice it. My hands hurt after playing on a ps3 for a while. And I have to take breaks between games on ps3 so i can have a smoke, depending on what buttons it needs me to press. On the 360 i can smok and play. Its a good match. Its such a small trivial thing, but it really is a deal breaker for me :P My ps3 doesnt get as much play time because of that. Especially since I tend to get high while i play... I'm a disgrace :P haha

Bob Dole3559d ago

What's disgraceful about getting high and playing??? Bob Dole does it all the time... but he can't play most games at 100% while smoking... especially Gran Turismo. Only time you can take a hit is when you're on a straight-away.

SaiyanFury3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

I started on the Atari joystick, then moved to the SEGA Master System gamepad as well as the NES's. Moved up to the Genesis controller and SNES. Then went to the PS controller and eventually got the DualShock. To this day, even from when I was a teenager, the DS3 is still the most comfortable pad I use. I have the 360 controller, but it just doesn't have the same feel. Good controller, just different shape than I'm accustomed to. Haha, it brings back memories seeing that old swivel Namco NegCon controller for the original PS.

titntin3559d ago

I must be in minority because I hear that opinion expressed a lot.

Despite having large hands, I find extended play with a 360 controller gives me hand cramps and pain. My wife also complains of hand pains with the 360 and hardly ever uses the machine anymore because of the controller. I carry on of course, but I always suffer after extended periods of use.
Both of us can use the PS3 pad for many long hours without any discomfort, so ergonomically its by far the superior pad in this house.

A special mention must go out to the 360's dpad - which is absolutely the very worst d pad we have ever seen. Playing Street Fighter 4 on it recently showed me just how bad it is. It may be sacrillage, but I have to use the analogue stick for that game despite its imprecisness for this type of game, as the dpad is simply unusable. I'll have to get this title on PS3 - its unplayable on 360 as a result of the pad!

Now if only the analogue sticks on the PS3 pad had the better dead zone like the 360's.... I guess we can't have everything!

HowarthsNJ3559d ago

The stocks balance on the middle, ring and pinky fingers. The index fingers control the bumpers and the thumbs cover the sticks, d-pad and face buttons.

It's not meant to be pressed into the palms unless you have very small hands and short fingers.

I can see where a palm hold might cause cramps.

Jinxstar3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

DS3 for fighters. otherwise user pref.

Call me crazy but i likes the 64 controller...

I love video games3559d ago

360 and ps3 controllers are good but since ive been with playstation since the great 1 i gotta give it up for the playstation. but on a side note the psp sucks for comfort they should have made it like the controller and not sold the dumb add on, and thats why i dont have a psp anymore

paul-p19883559d ago

Both the original and the DualShock versions of the Playstation controls are the best, i play my mates 360 every now and again and it just doesnt feel right. The shoulder buttons are much better on the PS3, and the analog sticks are where they should be. The thing i actually love the most about the DS3 though is that you can still use it like the original PS1 control, just move your hands away from the analog sticks and use teh D-pad instead for some Tekken goodness :)

I did love the N64 control aswell though, many a time playing Goldeneye without getting hand cramp :)

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2 cents3559d ago

I must admit the 360 controller it is the most confortable but is not the best quality hardware.

DelbertGrady3559d ago

The controller is of very high quality, the console not so much.

edgeofblade3559d ago

Certainly could use a better directional pad. I took it into my own hands to fix that problem, and I'm glad I did. XCM makes some controller cases at that have the new d-pad built in... and for some very light soldering, you can make it light up the face buttons too.

C_SoL3559d ago

....and the directional buttons r a lot better. Though I think the 360 controller is the most comfortable to use.

I wish the Sony would have released the boomerang. I really wanna try it out.

Eiffel3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

You all got disagrees for stating a personal opinion. Some sad individuals out there seem to be stalking these articles while not providing a point to their disagree.

I prefer the 360 controller, it sits in my hands relaxed. I still do enjoy and remember using the PS1 controller. Great for 2D fighting games.

I played my 360 so much I picked up a Gamecube controller and my god was it light.

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christian hour3559d ago

All i need is some attachment that holds your joint or cigarette for you while you play. Its pretty hard to hold one and play on a ps3, on 360 however I find it easier. I think it's because the play station joypads require you to grip them too much (they really werent designed for our big non-japanese hands).

But this list is pretty accurate, although having never played a dreamcast i can't say for sure how good the joypad feels. So the 360 wouldve ranked higher on my list.

Third on my list would probably have been the original playstation analogue controller. You know, the first one with dual analogue sticks, that was supposed to have rumble built in too but was taken out at the last minute or something, so when me and my brother bought one we were very disappointed to see there was no rumble in it at all :P

Sometime later the dualshock came out, but it wasnt as comfortable as the original analogue. Anyone else ever use that thing?!

Voiceofreason3559d ago

That is one of the good things about some Wii games. One hand for the blunt the other to work the controller. Doesnt work for them all but House of the dead while smoking works just fine for me.

christian hour3559d ago

Yeah thats always good, just try not to play anything on the wii that requires too much effort :P Otherwise you'll just give up before you even start

SpoonyRedMage3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

The 360 is indeed comfortable and I have to agree that the Dreamcast is one of the most comfortable, I also really like the SNES and Megadrive controllers.

The gamecube controller isn't too bad in my opinion, I'd like it a little bigger though and the buttons more evenly sized.

The Wiimote's alright too but I'd much prefer to use a GCN pad. Although a SNES style pad would be best.

EDIT: The classic's close but not the same.

SAiOSiN3559d ago

i like the 360 controller a lot, but i prefer my ds3 because of the stick layout. both controllers have their pluses and minuses.

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